Thursday 30 January 2014

100 Happy Days #2

The second instalment of my attempt to catalogue 100 Happy Days... :-)
Tuesday 21st January
Bristol Royal Infirmary entrance
More of an #100ThankfulDays picture than happy days but the fact that we have a free NHS in the UK with very talented doctors and nurses is definitely something to be happy about.

Wednesday 22nd January

Hot water bottle
A cold night meant a hot water bottle to bed!

Thursday 23rd January

Early night in bed
Beginning to think this might be a bit tenuous but one side effect of the IVF drugs is tiredness so getting an early night is a happy thing.

Friday 24th January
KFC Fillet Tower burger
Friday night treat after visiting the hospital - KFC Fillet Tower Burger!

Saturday 25th January

Asda duvet cover
Fresh bedding is always a happy thing - although I'm well aware pretty much every blogger has a similar duvet set...

Sunday 26th January
  Blog planning
Getting a load of blog posts planned and edited is very satisfying!

Monday 27th January
Wrapped presents
Last week there was a new baby in the family, plus next week there's two birthdays so I spent an evening getting organised and wrapping everything early.

Tuesday 28th January
Joe Browns Spring Catalogue
The new Joe Browns spring catalogue dropped through the letterbox that morning - far too many pretty dresses...

Wednesday 29th January
First daffodils of the year, just beginning to bloom :-)

Thursday 30th January
Bird print dress
Wore one of my favourite dresses to work today - covered in bird print!

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  1. This is a gorgeous series (is it ok to start every comment like that?) Lovely bedding, happy baby news and am very much looking forward to The Bookworm Tag! Glad you've managed to find some joy in spite of hospital shenanigans,
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Thanks Michelle (I think it's fine to start every comment like that, btw :-)
      I've got a few 'taggy' type posts coming up over the next month - the bookworm tag and an a-z of books (which I have swapped round) plus a 'now and then' tag as well as the usual sort of stuff on here :-) xx

  2. That duvet cover is so pretty!! It looks like something from Joules (although I'm guessing it's not, because Joules is unbelievably overpriced :p) xxx

    1. I thought it looked like something from Joules as well - but it's actually from Asda! :-) xxx


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