Friday 13 September 2013

Woof Woof Hooray

So it's officially over - all 80 Gromits from Bristol's Gromit Unleashed trail have been taken in and will be auctioned for charity at the start of October. We kept Gromit hunting right to the last day and ended up spotting 79 out of 80 Gromits. The only one we didn't get was the Gromit based in London's Paddington Station, although he is coming over to Bristol this weekend so we might try and pop in and say hello.
There's also a chance to see all 80 dogs gathered together at 'The Greatest Dog Show on Earth' exhibition next weekend. I'd love to go and see whole pack together but I'm not sure I'll have the time.
Anyway, here are the last few collections of Gromits...

Gromit Unleashed
 Being Gromit Malkovich - Harmony - British Bulldog
Eldoradog - Canis Major - Feathers
Fiesta - Gizmo - Gnashional Gromit

Gromit Unleashed
Poochadelic - The Secret Garden
Snow Gromit - Where's Wallace?

Gromit Unleashed
Oops A Daisy - Jack - Newfoundland

And a couple of ones we really liked...
Newfoundland - a lovely dog on the deck of The Matthew (a replica of a 1497 boat sailed by John Cabot to North America). The story is John Cabot is likely to have landed at Newfoundland, hence the very appropriate name and decoration!

Harmony - the very last dog we found, he was in the garden at The Beaufort Arms pub in the historic village of Hawkesbury Upton. He's decorated with lots of lovely little birds!
I hope you've enjoyed my Gromit round ups - links to the other posts can be found here, here and here.  

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do next Summer without any Gromits to find!


  1. Classic Gromit arrived at Gromit Unleashed HQ yesterday morning. I nipped in and claimed him since I was in town anyway.

    I really love how you've taken the same shot of each Gromit. Mine all have a small child in random poses, a few of them have six kids so you can barely see poor Gromit! Fun, though :)

    1. Aww, thanks! I wasn't sure how all the Gromit heads would work out but I think I'm quite pleased with them :-)

      I do like all your Gromit pictures though, your son looks like he's having so much fun! x

  2. Wow they are so cool! I love the Where's Walace? one, and the grass one is funky though I'm not sure about those eyes!!

    1. The Where's Wallace one was definitely cool, and you're right about those eyes! They do look a bit weird! :-) x


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