Thursday 12 September 2013

Heritage Open Days

Just a quick post to mention that here in the UK it's 'Heritage Open Days' weekend, where thousands of historical gardens, houses, museums and even swimming pools throw open their doors for free (or a very small charge).
Lots of places are not usually open to the public so it's a great chance to visit all sorts of weird and wonderful locations. If you pop over to the website, there's an interactive map which lets you search by area, by date and also by what you might be interested in.
Cool places near to me which I'd like to visit:
Cleveland Baths (a historic open air swimming pool under restoration)
HMP Shepton Mallet (a prison dating back to 1790 and still in use until last year!)
Behind the Clock Face (in Wells Cathedral, a chance to see the working of the 14th century clock)
Take a look at the map and see what's on in your area!


  1. Oooh! I thought that this was just Bristol Open Doors Day! I had no idea that it was a national event. Will have to see if there's something I/we can visit on Sunday...

    1. I think lots of towns and cities have their own name for the weekend but there's thousands of things on across the UK - I wish it was on for longer as there's so much to see! :-) x


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