Thursday 19 September 2013

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy thar!

Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day so I hope you’ve all been ahoyin' and shiverin' your timbers all day.
A day talkin' Pirate t' your buckos be just t' thin' t' cheer us all up durin' this dafty weather.
Salty Sea Dog Gromit
Even Gromit be gettin' in on t' pirate action!
I’m definitely makin' time t' pop on one o' me favourite Muppet films, Muppet Treaaye Island this weekend!
If you fancy some Pirate themed ideas...
If you’re near Bristol you can join in with Pirate Walks around Bristol’s harbourside learnin' all about Bristol’s swashbucklin' history.
Over in Kent at Bluewater thar’s a whole adventure park – Pirate Cove Adventure Park – with all sorts o' activities for both adults and sprogs.
In Milton Keynes and Wokin' pop along t' Pirate Island Adventure Golf for some crazy ball action.
And if you’re in Cornwall tune your radio t' Pirate FM for t' latest hits.
Don’t forget your black hat, gold earrin's, skull and crossbones and Polly t' Parrot on your shoulder.
Have fun!


  1. I discovered this far too late but I be makin' up for lost time me hearty!
    M x Life Outside London Blog

    1. Ah, thar's always next year! (or just talk like a pirate at random times throughout t' year - guaranteed t' raise a smile!) :-) x

  2. In Bristol we talk like a pirate every day :P

    I did see a rather flamboyant gent walking across College Green recently with a real live parrot on his shoulder, lovingly nibbling at his ear!! Really wish I'd stopped and asked him for a picture...

    1. Ahh sounds fab! I'm sure he wouldn't have minded stopping for a pic! :-) x


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