Monday 30 September 2013

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Visiting - Bridgwater Fair, a historic charter fairground which can trace its roots back to 1200 AD when a Royal Charter was granted to the town by King John. The first fair was actually held in 1249, although it looked a little bit different back then!
My parents met up with Andrew's parents for dinner and a look round the stalls, and I took my brother on several rides.

Bridgwater Fair

Building - a cupboard to house our boiler in the bedroom we're redecorating.

Cupboard housing boiler

Choosing - wallpaper for the bedroom. Take a look at yesterdays post to see what we choosing from...

Bird print wallpaper
Source: Ebay

Staying Up Late - I don't usually like featuring negativity on here but after we'd visited the fair on Friday night, some mindless idiot decided to vandalise 3 out of the 4 cars left in the car park. Thankfully our car was the one that didn't get touched but my dad's car had its windscreen smashed and all of us ended up staying up til 3am whilst trying to sort out insurance, recovery and deal with the police.
Even more thankfully, the car park had incredibly good CCTV and the local police force picked up the teenage yoof who'd done it early on Saturday morning.
By the time you read this he'll have already been in court!

Car with smashed windscreen


What did you get up to at the weekend?
Hope your Friday evening ended better than mine!


  1. That wallpaper is very sweet. Can't wait to see it in the room!

  2. Love a good fair. Horrible about the cars... :(

    1. I know, it was a really crappy end to what had been a really good night! :-) x

  3. What a rubbish end to a lovely weekend! Glad they caught the little bugger, though xx

    1. I know! The silly little fool is currently awaiting trial at the moment though, he was known to the police so they picked him up straight away from the CCTV :-) xx


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