Sunday 31 July 2016

Styling the Little One (26 weeks old)

One brilliant parenting blog I've followed since before her little daughter was born is Treasure Every Moment run by Helen. As well as parenting tips and weaning ideas (I think I've pinned pretty much every recipe Helen's posted), she also does a weekly feature about what her little one has been wearing that week.

So, blatantly copying Helen's fab idea (it's okay, I've asked her), here's a weekly round-up of what Lily wore :-)

I've been doing swimming lessons with Lily since she was 11 weeks old (she's now halfway through stage 2 in her classes) and the company we do them with (Turtle Tots) do underwater photo shoots every so often and we were booked in to do one in Bristol. I wanted something that was easy to take off and put back on again so a simple dress it was!
Dress: Secondhand but originally from Florence and Fred at Tesco (3-6 months)

Off to the health visitor's clinic this morning to be weighed; I wanted to see what size she was before we started food - she was 14lb 8.5oz!
Top: Charity shop but originally from M&S (3-6 months)
Leggings: Mothercare (3-6 months) - similar here

Two classes today: The Creation Station's arts and crafts Baby Discover class in the morning and a Sensory Heaven class in the afternoon. Both of them say to bring a change of clothes; she didn't need it in the morning but at the sensory class, they had a water tray and she certainly made use of that!
Top: Charity shop, unbranded unfortunately (0-3 months)
Leggings: Mothercare (3-6 months) - similar here

No classes today but we did go on a bus ride to my friend M's house for dinner.
Dress: Secondhand but originally M&S (3-6 months)
Tights: Sainsburys (0-3 months) - similar here

Our usual swimming lessons stop for the summer but some of the local pools do baby classes so we went out to have a half hour's splash around in the water.
Dress with bloomers: Nutmeg at Morrisons (3-6 months)
Tights: Lily and Dan at Aldi (3-6 months)

A lazy day at home but also a big day for Lily as we started baby led weaning - or 'food playtime' as it's more accurately described. She only had her nice outfit on til lunchtime and then we stripped her back to just her nappy.
Tshirt: Nutmeg at Morrisons (3-6 months)
Dungarees: Secondhand, unbranded unfortunately (3-6 months)

We had to dress up smart today as we were heading back to our fertility clinic for a complimentary family photo shoot - we should be getting the shots back next week!
Dress: Frugi (0-3 months)
Tights: Frugi (0-6 months)

How's your week been?

Full credit goes to Helen from Treasure Every Moment - her 'week of style' post with daughter, Isabella inspired me to do the same with Lily :-)


  1. Aww so many cute outfits - I love all of the colour! Also, thank you for your lovely words about my blog :)

    Helen x

  2. Damn, that's one busy baby!


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