Monday 4 July 2016

Meal Plan Monday: 4th July 2016

As well as Sarah and Louise's 'This Little Big Life' link-up, another link-up I thought I'd join in with is the lovely Dee's 'Meal Plan Monday' idea.

I was organised enough in the last few months of pregnancy last year to stockpile some meals in the freezer; one of my best friends also very kindly made us some as well and we ended up with (I think) about a month's worth of meals. That meant we didn't need to do much meal planning in the early days but then when we found out Lily was allergic to dairy we had to rethink what we were eating and it all seemed very ad-hoc.

Now she's that little bit older (and able to occupy herself for more than 30 seconds), I have the time to sit down and plan meals. We're also hoping to do baby-led weaning when she's 6 months old at the end of July (how did that happen?) so I need to start thinking about what we're going to eat as a family.

So now is a good time to start joining in with Dee's link-up :-)

Monday - There's half a chorizo sausage in the fridge which needs using up and we also seem to have a glut of eggs so chorizo omelette it is. We'll probably chuck in some spring onions and cheese (dairy-free stuff of course) and I reckon there's some curly fries lurking in the freezer somewhere to go with it.

Tuesday - Sweet potato cottage pie, a recipe from a Rosemary Conley book from years ago. I can't find the exact recipe online but this one from Good to Know looks just as good.

Wednesday - A BBC Good Food recipe, Sticky Apple, Sausages and Bacon which we'll pair with some new potatoes or mash. I'm going to cook this for four people and we'll have half on Wednesday and half on Thursday.

Thursday - The remainder of the previous night's dinner.

Friday - A back to basics pasta bake, made with pasta sauce, spam, pasta and whatever suitable veg I have left in the fridge. Tesco do a very tasty dairy-free garlic bread as well so we'll have that too. Same as Wednesday, I'm going to cook it for 4 people and have the other half on Saturday.

Saturday - It's our local town's annual summer fayre day so if it's not raining, we'll probably take a wander round the stalls. Last year, one of the local churches were running a tea room with homemade cakes; it's unlikely they'll have any dairy-free ones but as a back-up plan, there's a café in town that does dairy-free chocolate cake and banana loaf. Dinner will be the other half of the pasta bake.

Sunday - A slightly unusual shepherd's pie recipe which uses stuffing mix in the mash topping. It was from an old book I found in the library about 10 years ago so I've no idea where it's from, sorry!

Anyone planning on eating anything nice this week?

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  1. Your post is Making me hungry despite just having a delicious chicken curry for tea.;)


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