Sunday 17 July 2016

Railways and Trains in the West Midlands

One completely long-overdue blog post...

This has actually sat half-written in my drafts folder since the end of April last year, when we had a holiday after Easter back in 2015 that seemed to revolve around trains. It wasn't particularly planned like that but we knew we wanted to do the Severn Valley Railway and everything else just seemed to crop up along the way.

If you're a railway enthusiast (or know one) here's a rundown of what we did - anoraks and notepads not included...

Visited Oswestry and stumbled across the Cambrian Railways Museum
We stayed in a Travelodge on the A5 near Oswestry and headed into the town for breakfast. It's on the Welsh border and is quite a nice little market town with lots of old architecture and a railway line that's trying to be restored as a heritage line. Next to the old station building (which contained a WW1 exhibition) is a museum, a pretty ordinary-looking building from the outside but inside, crammed full of all sorts of railway memorabilia, signs, maps, posters and signals. Admission to the museum is free, although donations are appreciated. In the town centre as well, we spotted an excellent mural of an engine.

Travelled on the Severn Valley Railway
All the years we've been holidaying in Anglesey, we've always driven under the Severn Valley Railway line at Bridgnorth saying "we'll do that one day". It's a sixteen mile heritage line which runs between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth, stopping along the way at Bewdley, Arley, Highley and Hampton Loade. We bought an all day 'Freedom of the Line' ticket (which is cheaper if you buy online before your visit) and planned our journeys so we could see as much as possible. All the stations are beautifully restored and the route itself is very pretty with lots of photo opportunities!

Stopped off at The Engine House (about halfway along the Severn Valley Railway line)
The Engine House is the Severn Valley Railway's visitor and education centre, home to its reserve engines, artefacts and archive. It's free entry with the 'Freedom of the Line' ticket but if you've just got a standard ticket, there's a small charge. The only downside to it was that there was so much stuff, it was a bit difficult to take photos! I did rather like this news article though...

Had a cuppa in Kidderminster Railway Museum
One end of the Severn Valley Railway is in Kidderminster and tucked away on the platform is this little gem of a museum complete with tea and tuck shop. It's filled to the brim with historical objects, railway memorabilia and there's quite a bit of it you can play with as well! Definitely worth a visit if you're doing the line.

So there we are, only 15 months late with my post!

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  1. I love steam trains - great photos.


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