Monday 18 July 2016

Meal Plan Monday: 18th July 2016

Linking up with Dee's 'Meal Plan Monday'

This is what the week looks like food-wise...

Monday - The remainder of the Fisherman's Pie from Sunday.

Tuesday - Me and Lily are having a picnic at a local lido with a couple of NCT friends in the afternoon so dinner will be whatever is left over!

Wednesday - A cheesy ham and potato grill; a fairly simple recipe involving new potatoes and peas mixed in a cheesy cream sauce topped with ham and mozzarella (and all made with dairy free cheese!).

Thursday - Andrew's mum's birthday is today so we're having a family get-together at a Toby Carvery. Even though we're not trying Lily on solid food until next week, we're hoping that she'll sit nicely in a high chair!

Friday - A recipe for making a meatball sub, taken from a book called 'The Takeaway Secret' which explains how to make all your favourite fast food recipes at home.

Saturday - We're off away for the day and night, taking Andrew's lorry to a local family fun day and then going on ourselves to see Carters Steam Fair in West Wycombe. Breakfast needs to be quick and easy so we'll probably have some bacon sandwiches and then for dinner, we'll find somewhere out and about.

Sunday - Not too far away from where we're staying is a Toby Carvery (I know, I know, twice in one week but I'm still breastfeeding and need the extra calories, that's my excuse, ha) and they do a fairly legendary all-you-can-eat breakfast. After having had that in the morning, I can't imagine we'll need much for dinner so it'll probably just be some crumpets or toast!

Anyone planning on eating anything nice this week?

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  1. I may have been to Toby Carvery three times in a week before ;)


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