Monday 11 July 2016

Meal Plan Monday: 11th July 2016

Linking up with Dee's 'Meal Plan Monday'

This is what this week looks like food-wise...

Monday - The remainder of the shepherd's pie from Sunday night.

Tuesday - A recipe called Aussie Pie (which is from 'Nora's Dinners' cookbook - the dinner lady from Jamie Oliver's series from years ago). It's basically egg and potato pie with cheese sauce but we often add a bit of ham and spring onion to it; we'll be having half of it on Tuesday and half on Wednesday.

Wednesday - The other half of the Aussie Pie.

Thursday - A recipe called Spicy Hotpot (taken from a magazine) which is a kind of chorizo and sausage goulash topped with slices of garlic bread - very tasty!

Friday - Creamy Sweet Potato, Bacon and Thyme Pasta which is from a book called Dairy-Free Delicious by Katy Salter.

Saturday - We're hoping to head out to the Somerset Steam and Country Show in Langport so we'll try and get something out and about.

Sunday - A Fisherman's Pie which we'll eat half of on Sunday night and the other half on Monday!

Anyone planning on eating anything nice this week?

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  1. I can sense a theme of pie. The Aussie pie sounds lovely.


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