Friday 17 June 2016

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 21st November 2015

November 2015's photo an hour fell (as usual for November) on a carnival day - the 21st - which saw all the family off to watch Glastonbury carnival procession.

Here's what the day looked like...

10am - A frosty start to the morning (and a lazy start to the day after getting home late from Wells Carnival the previous evening).

11am - Breakfast time (or more accurately, brunch).

12pm - Packing up the winter weather gear ready for the carnival later on.

1pm - A quick download of pictures from the camera.

2pm - Obligatory bump picture (about 31 and half weeks here).

3pm - Arriving at Glastonbury.

4pm - Parked up and just getting ready for the evening's entertainment.

5pm - Best kept secret of Glastonbury Carnival? The homemade sandwiches and cakes at the local scout hall.

6pm - Outside and waiting eagerly for the procession to reach us.

7pm - Still waiting...

8pm - The parade is underway and the big floats are rolling past.

9pm - More floats!

10pm - Back at the scout hall, enjoying a cup of hot tea and unwrapping our layers.

11pm - And off home we go!

Jane rounded up all the people who took part over on her blog...

Also, check out what I was up to in...

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