Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A Photo Every Hour - Sunday 12th June

This month's photo an hour was chosen by Jane and fell on a Sunday. For us, it was the morning after the night before... Our lovely friend M married her other half, G on the Saturday in Cornwall (Lily's first ever wedding!) and we'd decided to spend the following few days staying with Andrew's sister-in-law who lived nearby.

8am - The night before, she'd stayed up late being a party animal. It must've tired her out as she slept til 8, a whole two hours later than her usual wake-up time.

9am - Sorting out the stuff from the wedding.

10am - Andrew had breakfast on the go while I decided what we were going to eat and where we were going to visit.

11am - Brunch!

12pm - And brunch for her too...

1pm - We took a chance leaving Lily with Auntie J while we nipped out to the supermarket.

2pm - And when we arrived home, there was a hungry little lady waiting for us!

3pm - While the sun was shining, we took a walk into town.

4pm - Pauline's Bakery in Newquay always has the most amazing selection of cakes in the window!

5pm - First visit to the Newquay seaside.

6pm - And the sea air must have done some good as it sent her to sleep :-)

7pm - After a nap, she was well up for playing again.

8pm - Roast chicken for dinner.

9pm - And off to bed (with some more food, of course)

This month we had 11 lovely bloggers joining in:

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Next month's photo an hour will be Saturday 23rd July - we're off to a local fun day with Andrew's lorry, then heading east to visit Carter's Steam Fair so it should be an interesting day.

Hope you can all join in!

Also, check out what I was up to in...


  1. I love that last photo of Lily!

    Mmm, I wouldn't mind eating that roast dinner right now.


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