Tuesday 21 June 2016

A Photo Every Hour - Sunday 27th March

March's photo an hour was chosen by me and fell on Easter Sunday! We were on our first family holiday, off to Anglesey with my parents and brother in one chalet and our new little family in the one next door.

Here's what the day looked like...

10am - Her usual wake-up time is about 6am so it was quite a novelty for her to still be in bed and sleepy at 10am (even if she was feeding!)

11am - A sunny Easter morning!

12pm - This is what she thought of being carried around in the sling...

1pm - My brother (and parents) came over for late brunch and he seemed to be enjoying his novelty Easter boppers!

2pm - Brunch (if you can call it that at 2pm!)

3pm - Lily's first Easter card!

4pm - Cuddles with her Taid (North Wales Welsh for granddad) while me and Andrew had a quick swim in the site pool.

5pm - Post-feed face.

6pm - Smiles with daddy.

7pm - Multi-tasking.

8pm - Little feet asleep!

9pm - Still reading the same book as January's photo an hour...

10pm - Last cup of tea before bed.

Jane rounded up all the people who took part over on her blog...
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