Wednesday 15 June 2016

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 18th July 2015

I realised the other day, there's photo an hour posts that I haven't published yet and they're nearly a year old. So, I'm going to play photo an hour catch up for a couple of weeks (hopefully along with some other posts thrown in).

This is what Saturday 18th July 2015 looked like...

8am - Healthy breakfast.

9am - On our way out to a steam rally for the day (where we would be helping play a fairground organ which dates back to the 1890's.)

10am - Andrew helping set things up for the organ.

11am - First lot of music being played!

12pm - Watching the transport in the ring at the steam rally.

1pm - Still playing...

2pm - Steam engine trailer rides around the site.

3pm - Time for some afternoon tea, you can't beat a portion of cheesy chips!

4pm - Watching the plane display.

5pm - In the early evening, lots of vehicles pop out to a local pub for a road run; we went out in the car to watch.

6pm - Watching the vehicles arrive.

7pm - Chatter over a pint or two (although not for me!)

8pm - Back at the rally site and tucking into some cottage pie, mash and veg (Andrew had to finish off my portion as any pregnant person will tell you, one of the most annoying aspects of the whole thing is not having enough stomach space to eat big meals!)

9pm - I did have space for some cake though (the rally was celebrating its 60th anniversary).

10pm - A quick spot of geocaching on the way home.

11pm - And time to try out my new pregnancy pillow! (I can safely say now, it was a brilliant investment) :-)

Jane did a round-up of July photo-an-hour-ers (can I get away with that?) over on her blog...
Also, check out what I was up to in...


  1. What you like! When is the next one Louisa? X

  2. How fun! It's SO nice to see you in my blogger feed! Love the Second to None pipe organ!


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