Wednesday 22 April 2015

Here Is The News #40

Here is the News

Bit of an epic round-up this time (due to missing a couple of weeks and all of you lot writing such fabulous posts!)

Blogland Brilliance

Sarah's put together an excellent list of ways to spend less on your food shop - all good common sense advice.

Kezzie's list of novelty clutch bag ideas is pure brilliance - I'd buy the lifebuoy one for sure!

Susie and her other half have bought a new home - very exciting!

Michelle managed to make the process of breaking in a new pair of pyjamas very funny indeed.

Sophie's list of free ways to get more exercise potentially could save you a lot of money - I've been giving the Blogilates videos a go recently and strangely, I'm quite enjoying them so far.

Chelsea's recipe book looks rather magical - if I was her supervisor at uni, I'd give her a First for sure.

I love learning new ideas and skills so Louise's post about the many ways to keep learning is a really interesting read.

Sophie's started a campaign to get us all to actually make use of our lunch times and not just eat al-desko each day. Join in using the hashtag #yourhour and let her know what you've got up to.

Kerri visited the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands to see all the tulips - somewhere I really want to visit at some point as before she passed away in 2009, it was one of my grandmother's favourite places and she used to go over every few years to see it.

Alexandra's post about body issues and body confidence will have you punching the air in happy agreement.

And Lucy had what looks like the most wonderful wedding in Cornwall - you can see the big day in her videos, here and here.

Food Porn

Sarah's White Chocolate Tiffin and The High Tea Cast's Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte both look mouth-wateringly delicious.

And Katy's Chorizo Chachouka looks like the perfect after work meal - quick, easy and tasty!

Doggy Delights

Pete and Betty were very lucky pups over Easter as their human, Michelle bought them a Barks and Bunnies gift box!

And great minds think alike as Danielle also bought Baker a box - watch the video, he's certainly one excited woofy!

Rusty adopted a gorgeous rescue mutt called Rolo.

And if you do have a four legged friend, Emma is running a Pooch Package gift swap for all those lucky hounds.

Creative Craftiness

How gorgeous is Char's sailor girl dress? (and made out of Asda bedding no less!)

Kezzie made this fab card for a friend using a deer template and an old map - so simple yet so effective!

I love, love, love this handbag storage idea from H & Sammy - a brilliant way to show off what you've got.

Jen's taking part in the 100 Days of Making Project (which sounds loads of fun, I just don't have the time at the mo myself) and if you do have the time, she's even compiled a list of 100 ideas to start you off.

While Sarah's awaiting the arrival of her little one, Janet wrote an excellent guest post about how to get more real mail through your letterbox and if you want to put those ideas into place right away, head over to Jess' blog, Dear Wildflower to join her newly formed Letter Writing Club.

General Election Goodness

Everyone's on the voting bandwagon at the moment (with good reason of course) - Standard Issue, Jenny from Sunny Sweet Pea, The High Tea Cast, Jennie from Sailboat, Anna from Angel in the North and Alexandra from Those Words She Wrote all wrote about the importance of voting.

Alice also gave an interesting insight into voting rights around the world and throughout history.

And Lizzie is collaborating with UpRising as an ambassador for the My Vote, My Voice campaign with excellent posts about registering (although the deadline was Monday so if you haven't done it, you've missed out!) and why you should vote.

Blogs I've followed over the last three weeks...

Charity Shop Chic (thanks to Can't Swing a Cat)


What's new with you? Found anything interesting over the last few weeks? Tell me all!


  1. That's for mentioning me! I loved Michelle's PJ dilemma too! She's always writes a good read :)

  2. Thanks for the mention; there will be another election post coming soon!

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. Oh thank you for the mention(s!!!) that's very kind. Ha, I thought of you when I made the life buoy since you love the sea! I can't wait to see your charity shop purchases!!x

  4. Yay for the news! You must spend so much time reading blogs cause you always find such interesting posts. Thank you very much for including me yet again. :D
    Oh and did you know I'm a contributor for Zusterschap ;) Yup. Dunno how that happened lol.


  5. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog :) I will definitely be checking everyone else's out!

  6. AAh thanks for the mention and wow, what a great list! xx

  7. Ah im liking the Pooch Package swap idea and have already signed up. :)


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