Sunday 5 April 2015

An A-Z of Me - U

Hmm, the letters are getting hard now. I can only think of one for U and that's…

University - it seems to have played a big part in my life really. I followed the usual path of GCSE's, A-Levels (the pre-2001 old style ones) and then a degree (at the University of Central Lancashire). Then 7 years after I graduated, in 2012 I started doing Masters degree via distance learning with Aberystwyth University (still ongoing, it's a slow process). On top of both of those, I’ve worked at a University (Bath) for coming up to 4 years now. I like education, I like knowledge and I like learning - that just about sums it up!

What 'U' things sum you up?

For the rest of the alphabet click here!


  1. Surely you felt the need to discuss a penchant for learning to ride a unicycle or about your favourite underwear! I like your Uni story, I was the pre-2001 type too!! X

  2. Take up the ukulele - that will give you another 'U'!!

  3. I always enjoyed education and learning, except now that I'm doing my phd, I feel like I haven't learnt a thing and that's a big fat disappointment.

    U is definitely a hard letter!

  4. Disappointed not to see any uniform related revelations here but uni is a pretty good one.
    Not sure I've got much in my u-tank...
    M x

  5. My tendency to break umbrella's would have to go into my 'u' folder! I loved my university years, I kind of miss that freedom at times and just having all that knowledge just right there on my doorstep.

  6. My U would be University too! U and V are such hard letters to think of!

    Lizzie Dripping

  7. I just spent 3 minutes thinking "I have no 'U's". Then I remembered UNICORNS! Duh :p xxx


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