Monday 13 April 2015

These Two Weekends (not) at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Having - an sort of unplanned blog holiday. I knew we'd be away over Easter and had this vague idea that "of course, it won't be that much bother to put together a couple of posts while we're away!" Ah well, living the life rather than blogging about it took priority - no matter, it's just a hobby after all :-)

Travelling - up to Anglesey, along the North Wales coastline then down through the West Midlands across to Stratford upon Avon before heading slowly home. In total we did about 670 miles over the 10 days and I had it all planned out in advance using Google Maps, yup I am that sad, OCD, organised.

Driving along the A55 in North Wales

Enjoying - the gorgeous sunny weather. We certainly picked the right week off work for a holiday - we only had one murky evening and one murky morning the whole time.


Visiting - lots of museums and places; as well as just enjoying all the different towns, we also did the Cambrian Railway Museum (in Oswestry), the Severn Valley Railway, Kidderminster Railway Museum, the MAD Museum (in Stratford) and three of the houses run by Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust (Shakespeare's Birthplace, Hall's Croft and Harvard House).

MAD Museum, Stratford upon Avon

Hall's Croft, Stratford upon Avon

Sir Keith Park railway engine on Severn Valley Railway

Eating - far too many big breakfasts and far too many chips and slabs of cake. But that's what a holiday is for isn't it?



Geocaching - After finding our first few caches back in February and March we managed to get our total number of finds from 4 up to 56. We also had fun with all the lingo - "driving the geowagon around waiting for all the muggles to clear before doing a quick cache and dash" - it's a little bit like this weird secret world that's all around us and most people don't even know it's there. Think it almost warrants its own post!

Geocache at Llanfair P.G Railway Station

What did you get up to over Easter?


  1. I was admiring all your holiday snaps as you were sharing them, you certainly scored lucky with the weather! Our Easter was super lazy, the one of the lucky things about being so far away from family (on both sides) that we can just do as we please!

  2. Oh wow, what a super time!!!! I can't wait to Geocache again, I loved the day we did last summer! There's quite s few in my local town so I want to look for those!!!x

  3. I have still yet to try geocaching. Looks and sounds like you fitted lots in.Our car was unhappily out of action over Easter but at least this meant we had a few very local walks to country pubs etc :)

  4. Hi. I have been reading your blog recently so thought it was time I said hello. Lovely pictures of your trip away. I love North Wales! A you have covered a lot of miles.

  5. What an adventure you've been on - it's good to take time away now and then.

    From this post, as well as the pictures shared via twitter, it looks like you've had an amazing time. Also, that food makes me jealous. Haha!
    Life’s Open Pages

  6. What a holiday! Can't wait to hear a little more about it! You managed to fit a lot in too!

    Geocaching is a lot of fun! We sometimes give it a go here and there.

  7. What an adventurous holiday!!!! I love North Wales, I used to live in Conwy so I recognise that piece of motorway quite well :) Hope you enjoyed your little blog holiday, sometimes it's nice to have a break x


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