Monday 14 July 2014

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...
Collecting - our car from its MoT test. It failed the first time on indicator colour and a back spring but passed the second time with flying colours. Our car is 10 years old and has done a fair few miles so it's always a mystery whether it'll pass each year.

Spotting - a passion flower in mother-in-law's back garden. I don't think I've ever seen one before and Andrew reckons his mum planted it from a passion fruit seed about 20 years ago.

Passion Flower

Laying - bricks in our back yard. Andrew's carrying on with the task of digging out a space to park his lorry on. Evenutally it'll be made hard-standing and then have some kind of car port thingy over the lorry itself.

Baking - a lemon drizzle cake. I had a couple of lemons which needed using so did a quick and easy recipe so we could have cake all weekend.

Watching - our friend's baby get christened (the same one that received this present when he was born last year). We went to the church but only stayed for a short while at the party afterwards, we were pretty much the only couple there without kids and even though the parents are good friends of ours (and know about our IVF treatment), we still felt a bit awkward. Some might call it being rude, leaving early - anyone who's been through infertility/loss/miscarriage or anything similar would simply call it self-preservation!
What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. That passion flower is incredible! I'm sure your friends understood about the christening - I think that it's admirable you went in the first place. I really hope your dreams come true this year.

    I spent my weekend applying for jobs and eating brownies. xxx

    1. Thank you Katie xx They seemed to be fine about it, they came round a week or so later and we had quite a fun afternoon! Eating brownies is definitely a good way to spend a weekend :-) xxx

  2. What a gorgeous flower on the passion flower! It's funny with now living in a country that doesn't make you take your car to an MOT test - well some states still make your car pass an emissions test like in Pennsylvania, but here in Michigan - nothing!

    1. That must be strange not having a MOT test - although I suppose it does save on the worry and the expense! :-) xx


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