Monday 7 July 2014

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Enjoying - the entertainment and stall at this weekend's Dig for Victory Show at the North Somerset Showground. It was a lovely event and we're hoping to go next year with Andrew's lorry!
Dig for Victory show
Eating - chocolate and orange marble cake and tea from china crockery in the vintage marquee at the show.
Cake and tea at the Dig for Victory show
Savouring - the delicious wood-fired pizza from Encasta Pizza at the show. We had one chorizo pizza and one cheese and tomato one and shared them between us.
Pizza in the sun
Sitting - on our new sofa and armchair, they were delivered last Wednesday and they're ever so comfy!
New sofa
Being - surprised when Andrew brought home a bunch of sweet peas. He had pilfered them from his mum's garden though (with her permission) but they're still gorgeous. You don't need to pay for flowers for them to have the same meaning!
Sweet pea flowers
Cleaning - an old chair and chest that used to belong to my great aunt. We inherited them a few years ago and they needed a thoroughly good clean (from years of living in a household full of smoke) and a new seat cover. I got started with the cleaning out in the sun.
Wicker chair
What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. I adore sweet peas! I went to Wales and did a concert! Twas good x

  2. Love sweet peas - I was over the moon when I realised the garden to the house we've just brought has a couple of sweet pea plants growing - great way to brighten up the house!

    1. Ooh, that sounds lovely! I've never had any success growing them from seed - they just wither and die but my mother-in-law has loads of them in her garden :-) xx

  3. Gorgeous flowers! Are you going to give that chair a makeover? I spent my weekend ripping bits out of our kitchen and eating peanut butter cookie splats xxx

    1. Eventually, kind of, yep - we're planning on painting it a similar colour to what it is already and then edging it with gold spray (that's what it would've looked like years ago) and then giving it a snazzy new seat covering. I'll do a post about it when we get round to finishing it! :-) xxx


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