Wednesday 16 July 2014

Here Is The News #2

Here is the News

Blogland Brilliance

Michelle's puppies (Betty and Pete, real dogs, not a euphemism) celebrated their first birthday last week. I've been enjoying my daily dose of puppy spam for ages now so I can't believe they're a whole year old! Pop over and wish them happy birthday :-)

Alice baked up this delicious looking Raspberry Ripple Cake - definitely one I want to try soon.

Bonjour Blogger on why Pinterest is not a source - I always try to take my own pictures on here, even it they do sometimes end up a bit naff!

Shazza is celebrating her blog's second birthday with a lovely tea cup giveaway - you've got til 30th July to enter so pop over and wish her a very happy bloggy birthday!

Exciting Events

Farnborough Air Show is on this weekend. Andrew's managed to blag his way in today on their trade day (one of the perks of being a mechanical engineer working in a university) but it's well worth a visit if you're into planes at all. I went a few years ago and the sight of a jumbo jet taking off and landing within only about 100ft is quite breathtaking.

This Saturday you can also find me in a field near Langport in Somerset playing a large fairground organ from the 1890s at the Somerset Steam and Country Show.

Jane's photo an hour challenge for July falls on this Saturday. I'll be posting my photos on instagram during the day using the hashtag #photoanhour  - I'd love it if you could join in!

If you're anywhere near Bristol this evening, Living Spit Theatre Company are doing a free show at the Tobacco Factory called One Man and His Cow. I saw them a couple of years ago with their show The Six Wives of Henry VIII and they're very very funny. Although it's free, there is a limited amount of space so get there early if you fancy it.

Over the last week, we've seen two Edinburgh Fringe Festival previews - Angela Barnes who played Komedia in Bath last week and Holly Walsh who played the same venue last night. Both were brilliantly hilarious and well worth seeing in Edinburgh. Angela's playing the Pleasance Courtyard and Holly's playing the Assembly George Square Studios.

Interesting Info

Andrew's a mechanical engineer (basically he makes very precise stuff from bits of metal) but he often has to attend meetings with academics and PhD students. He reckons this video about what meetings feel like for engineers is spot on!

If you've ever fancied building your own time machine, the author Brian Clegg did a podcast for Bath University all about time travelling. You can download it from here, learn how to do it and then let me know what it's like in the future (with next week's lottery results of course...) :-)

This article from the BBC about why Blackpool is so popular with Scots - when I was at Uni in Preston, I used to go to Blackpool for a mooch about and I always remember one of the best chip shops there being run by a Glaswegian.

It appears the Bounty reps are on the way to being banned from maternity wards. I'm in two minds about this - one the one hand I don't think any new mum should be forced into handing over her money or details if she doesn't want to; but on the other hand, if you can ignore the sales patter, it might be a good way of getting a few freebies!

Life Lessons

If you want to know how to give great presentations, Future Learn has a 6 week free course run by the Open University starting this Monday.

Musical Magic

How many musicals have you seen? I'd class myself as a fan of musical theatre but even I've only seen 19 of the ones on this list from What's On Stage.

Have you spotted anything interesting this week?

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