Monday 16 December 2013

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 14th December

The lovely Janey from Is That You Darling has started regularly holding Photo an Hour challenges. Janey will set a date and anyone who wants to can join in - either on Instagram, Twitter or any other way you fancy. I signed up to do one on September 14th (see here for pics), again on November 9th (pics here) and the latest challenge was Saturday 14th December. I knew that Andrew had ideas about going out for a birthday day trip so it worked out perfectly for doing a photo every hour.
Here's how our day panned out...
10am - a quick trip to the local delivery office to collect a mystery parcel (which turned out to be a not very exciting package of vitamins from Amazon).
Post Office Delivery Card and The Muppet Christmas Carol CD
11am - heading over to my parent's house on our way out and first up on the in-car jukebox was The Muppet Christmas Carol.
12pm - we munched on a delicious breakfast baguette and cup of tea at my parent's house (stupidly I forgot to take a pic though until I'd half eaten the baguette!).
Breakfast Baguette and Christmas Storage Bags
1pm - we nipped into Home Bargains and picked up 3 of these fab Christmas storage bags for only £1.79 each.
2pm - on our way to Swindon to try and go ice skating.
Driving along the road
3pm - unfortunately the ice rink was full by the time we arrived so we headed into the centre to look round the shops and go out for dinner.
4pm - I loved these huge sparkly red baubles on the Christmas tree in Swindon.
Christmas tree baubles and Percy Pig money boxes
5pm - what do you call a bevvy of Percys?
6pm - the main reason we went to Swindon; a meal out at Ed's Easy Diner.
Ed's Easy Diner sign and ice cream
7pm - Kit-Kat Choco-Lat Sundae for dessert!
8pm - one last look at the massive Christmas tree in Swindon.
Christmas tree and driving in the dark
9pm - a wet and windy journey home.
10pm - I'd got a bit behind with my blog reading; If you look closely I think the oldest one is December 5th! (apologies to anyone I spammed with comments on posts that were really old!).
Bloglovin and Have I Got News for You on TV
11pm - catching up with Friday night's 'Have I Got News For You'.
12am - a nightcap before bedtime (yep, I know it's a bit strange but I've always preferred a nice cup of tea before bed).
Cup of tea
I think Janey is planning on holding a photo an hour challenge each month in 2014 so head on over to her fab blog to find out more and join in!


  1. The 2pm and 3pm photos made me smile - there, and then back again. What a shame! :( Great photos though - your baguette made me jealous on Saturday morning when I saw it on Instagram!


    1. I only wish I'd remembered to take a picture before I started eating it!
      I love taking part in photo an hour challenges so I'm definitely up for the challenge of doing one each month next year! :-) x


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