Saturday 14 December 2013

Blackheart Creatives and Bonjour Blogger Necklace Win

Back at the end of August I was lucky enough to win Bonjour Blogger's Blackheart Creatives necklace giveaway.
Duck necklace on a duck
I was away at Great Dorset Steam Fair when Hayley tweeted me to say I'd won so it was a nice suprise on holiday!
Blackheart Creatives specialise in fabulous laser-cut jewellery with a bespoke service offering pretty much any word you like in a range of colours. The prize on offer was my choice of word so naturally I chose the word 'Duck' and I faniced it in red (as that's my favourite colour).
Duck necklace
I then ended up being a bit of a silly duck; Hayley had emailed me and I sent an email back - or so I though until I was clearing out the folders in my email a couple of months later and couldn't find any 'sent' mail to Hayley! So I sent off a very apologetic message saying I completely understood if she didn't want to offer me the prize anymore (although on that occassion I should've got the prize for 'most disorganised blogger') :-)
The lovely Hayley replied to say it was still okay and within a week or so, the necklace arrived on my doorstep wrapped up in a cute gift box complete with four lollipops - a lovely little extra suprise!
Duck necklace

Duck necklace
It's fab! A lovely bright red colour, beautifully made and I think it looks pretty cool on as well. :-)
Duck necklace
Go check out Blackheart Creatives - they can put any word on a necklace so let your imagination run wild!


  1. Oh that's adorable!
    Got any lollipops left!?
    M x

    1. Thanks Michelle! I do have one lollipop left, although I have a feeling it may get eaten over Christmas... :-) x


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