Wednesday 18 December 2013

A Duck Birthday

So yeah...I know you're all dying to see them - pictures of birthday shenanigans!
The cake...
Cream Sponge Birthday Cake
 Huge amounts of fresh cream in my birthday cake made by a friend at work.
The stash...
Birthday presents
Birthday presents
Owl bunting, Farringtons Farm Shop vouchers, White Company smellies, Eton Mess chocolate, black and glass necklace and the Caro Emerald CD.
Birthday presents
Reindeer slippers!
Birthday presents
Gorgeous bird necklace from the Literary Emporium, a session at the Thermae Bath Spa and a fab pink fabric brooch from my lovely friend M.
Birthday presents
 Huge poinsettia plant from my in laws.
The day out...
Swindon Christmas tree
Magnificent Christmas tree at Swindon.

Hinton Manor GWR engine decorated for Christmas
Even the Great Western Railway engine was decorated.
Christmas tree baubles
I wanted to get a good shot of the shiny baubles but the wind had started blowing a gale!
The food...

Ed's Easy Diner milkshake
Ed's Easy Diner gives you a free milkshake on your birthday - I had banana!
Ed's Easy Diner Bacon and Cheese Burger
Big Bubba's Bacon and Cheese Burger

Ed's Easy Diner
Watching the food being prepared at Ed's.
Ed's Easy Diner Kit-Kat Choco-Lat Sundae and Lot of Waffle 
 A fab 'Kit-Kat Choco-Lat Sundae' for me and 'Lot of Waffle' for Andrew (no comment!).
All in all, a very good birthday weekend!


  1. What a fabulous birthday weekend! You got some amazing presents; I love the necklace and the Farrington's voucher caught my eye, too!

    1. They were definitely some of the best presents! Can't decide though whether to use the Farringtons voucher for something from the shop or something in the cafe - plenty of time to decide in the New Year methinks :-) x

  2. That cake looks epic - I love that the baker went all out with the cream! LOVE!

    1. There was definitely a lot of cream! So much cream that you couldn't just cut a little slice of the cake as all the cream would ooze out of the sides! :-) x

  3. Replies
    1. It was very tasty, bits of Kit-Kat plus Hershey's chocolate sauce! :-) xxx

  4. Free milkshake and fabulous bunting! What a birthday :o)
    M x

    1. It was pretty good! Can't beat free things on your birthday :-) x


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