Wednesday 4 November 2015

Yarn Along 1

One of the things I've really enjoyed reading over the last few months are the 'Yarn Along' posts - a weekly Wednesday knitting and reading update started by Ginny from Small Things.

Elise and Jenny seem to make the most amazing knitted and crocheted patterns and I've spotted Hazel and Char joining in recently as well. I do have a Ravelry account (if anyone fancies adding me) but I think I need to get a bit more organised on there with my projects and uploading pictures.

So I thought I'd jump on the proverbial (yarn-bombed) bandwagon and share a little bit of what I'm making and reading as well. I can't promise a post every week but let's give it a go and see how far we get.

Currently knitting: a present for my sister-in-law for Christmas which I can't reveal 100% in case she's reading!

Recently though, look what I've made! An actual item of clothing! Okay, so it's for a baby but still, something which someone could properly wear! It still needs pressing and I need to sew some poppers onto the front (and don't look too closely at the seams) but I'm quite chuffed with my first attempt anyway.

And this little (or large) fella made his way up north to Spartacus Rooftops, complete with a 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' book. Sarah very kindly sent me (and Findina) a fab package of baby bits and pieces so I made a little something as a thank you gift in return. The pattern for him can be found on Ravelry.

Currently reading:  Jambusters by Juliet Summers.
The story of the Women's Institute during the Second World War and the book which inspired the ITV series, 'Home Fires'. I'm only about 30 pages in so far but it seems to be a fascinating read; I'm a fan of reading mass observation-type stuff anyway and this is filled with quotes and interviews from people who were actually there.

Linking up with Ginny's Yarn Along

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  1. Argh I love that wee cardigan! Excellent wool choice :) yay for joining in, it's great to find more people doing yarn along. And that book sounds ace. I wasn't fussed on the TV show but I do like sone period reading :)


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