Saturday 7 November 2015

Blogs You Should Be Reading

Since becoming pregnant, I've found it really difficult to find the time to comment on blogs; I usually read blog posts on my phone and we all know how much of a faff it is to do any commenting on a mobile.

One thing I haven't found difficult is the actual reading of posts though - even though I may not have commented, there's a long list of blogs where I never fail to read each and every thing published.

So if you're not already following these lovely ladies, sit down with a cup of tea and prepare to enjoy an afternoon of excellent blog reading.

Is That Your Darling run by Jane
Life Outside London run by Michelle (and occasionally Pete & Betty)
Little Apple Tree run by Angela
Crumbs in the Bed run by Kerri
Words That Can Only Be Your Own run by Janet
In My Playroom run by Eileen
Secondhand Susie run by Susie
Through Tasha’s Camera run by Tasha
Floral and Feather run by Zoe
The Life of Dee run by Dee
Sophie Louise Anne run by Sophie
Hook Line and Sink Her run by Katie
World of Joy run by Hazel
Using My Loaf run by Helen
Love In Modern Life run by Chelsea
Polkadot Pink run by Donna
Sophie Cliff run by Sophie
Underland to Wonderland run by Danielle (and occasionally Baker)
The Inelegant Wench run by Rachel
Sunny Sweet Pea run by Jenny
Make Do and Mend run by Laura
Kezzie AG run by Kezzie
Hannah Hotcakes run by Hannah
Lizzie Dripping run by Elizabeth
Elise and Life run by Elise
The Geeky Knitter run by Jenny
Little Miss Katy run by Katy
Oh Leona run by Leona
Dear Ms Leigh run by Rachael
Sarah Rooftops run by Sarah (and her photography blog, Two Days the Same)
A Whole Lot of Chitty Chat run by Anna
Sunshine and Celandines run by Shazza
Dib Dab Debs run by Debs (who's also just started a new blog, Jack Russells and Rainbows)

Happy reading!


  1. Ahh bless you! Thanks so much! No word of a lie I was just thinking of you the other day and wonder how bump is doing!
    I'm not even with child and I still have struggled to comment lately but I'm trying my hardest to do it more...well a little bit. I'm the same that I have certain blogs I always check (like yours!) and wish there was a button just to click to show I'd stopped by recently lol.
    There are a couple on here I don't think I'm familiar with so I'd better get stalking.

    Sending lots of love.


    1. I am popping on here to talk to both of you because I'm exactly the same! I read (stalk) everything that you both post and think to myself 'oh how lovely' or 'I've loved this' but just never comment, I'm like an invisible blogger. I adore you both and need to up my comment game. Happy Sunday Danielle, Louisa and Bump XXX

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I too have been a bit slack with my commenting of late (sorry about that - but congrats again and Im glad everything is going well!) Im gonna have a browse of some of the blogs that you have mentioned that I don't follow now!

  3. That's sweet Louisa, thank you! I shall try to check any new ones out!x

  4. Thank you! Lots on your list that I read and love, but plenty of new stuff to discover too. I better get reading...

  5. Thank you so much for including me! It always brings a smile to my face to see my blog amongst such amazing ones!!

    Thank you and thank you again!!

  6. thanks for the love :) and I know what you mean its so easy to read and read but commenting (especially on the phone) is not always easy! At least you have a great excuse (for want of a better word :) ) lots of love and best wishes! jenny xx

  7. Thanks for including mee! Hope all is going well with you! xx

  8. Thank you so much for including me on this list :) What a great bunch to be among x

  9. Thanks for the mention, that's made my day :)
    There are loads here that u already read but I'll be sure to have a little looky-see at the others


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