Saturday 31 May 2014

#BEDM Day 31 - You Made It!

Day 31 of Rosalilium’s 'Blog Every Day in May' Challenge

Woop woop!
Yep for the third time I've successfully managed to come up with some sort of rubbish tenuously-related to each day's theme every day for a whole month.

He's got nothing to do with completing the BEDM challenge but what a fine specimen of a beak he is...

I've enjoyed nosying into everyone else's posts (although I admit, I am rather behind on my blog reading) and I hope you've all enjoyed my random mutterings.

Some of my favourite posts were...

Day 23 - Date Night (the tale of how I met Andrew)
Day 21 - Workspace (a veritable menagerie of beasties)
Day 20 - Being Adventurous (how one girl went to New York abroad on her own aged 19)
Day 14 - Home Sweet Home (a nosy around my kitchen)
Day 13 - Fashion, Beauty and Grooming (my love letter to Vaseline)
Day 8 - Local History Month (where the nursery rhyme 'Jack and Jill' all started)
Day 1 - What Is Your Blog All About? (what I was doing on May 1st!)

Just because BEDM is over though, doesn't mean it's all going quiet round here; last year I said I'd go back to posting two or three times a week yet somehow since March 2013 I've managed to rack up 428 posts! I'm not really sure what about...

Anyway, I'll pop the kettle on, help yourself to some cake and feel free to stick around if you fancy it (there's lots more to come in this little bloggy space over the next few months!)


  1. Well done on making it :D! x

  2. Milky tea for me please - and I would TOTALLY help myself to a slice of one of your cakes if computers worked like the TV chocolate in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (aka Mike TV's downfall) xxx

    1. They so should! In this day and age, why hasn't that been invented yet!? :-) xxx

  3. Well done you, for doing it not just once but three blinking times!
    I loved reading your posts (kitchen tour, how you met Andrew and love letter to Vaseline were some of my faves too!) I failed miserably and that's all I have to say on the matter!
    M x

    1. It's the taking part that counts and you did give it a good go methinks! :-) xx


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