Sunday 31 December 2017

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 18th November

November's photo an hour day fell (as it does almost every year) on a carnival day down here in Somerset. We were off to Glastonbury carnival that evening!

Here's what the day looked like...

9am - In our house, trains are "go go's"

10am - Tupperware sorting is an essential part of any morning.

11am - Prepping for redecorating the hallway.

12pm - Book repairing.

1pm - Boring picture alert!

2pm - Top of the (thankfully unlit) fireplace is apparently a good storage location.

3pm - Three pairs of socks and thermal leggings for the carnival.

4pm - Parked up and ready to kill some time before the procession in Glastonbury.

5pm - It's a bit soggy...

6pm - Still raining...

7pm - The carnival still takes place, whatever the weather!

8pm - Still damp!

9pm - Back to the car after the procession (where we were watching, the carnival had finished but where the car was parked, it was still going past!)

10pm - And homeward bound...

Jane set the December date as Saturday 16th - you can find the round-up for that day here :-)

Also, check out what I was up to in...

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