Tuesday 30 May 2017

A Tour Round Barry Island (Gavin & Stacey!)

The last holiday we had as a family of two (rather than a family of three) happened to be here...

That was the end of April 2015. It's taken me over two years to write about it. And Gavin and Stacey was first aired over 10 years ago (say what!?)

We loved the TV show and Barry is one of those places we'd both visited when we were younger but not really visited as adults so it was an obvious place for a weekend away. We kept it cheap and cheerful and stayed at Cardiff Airport Travelodge - which is only 2.5 miles from Barry Island and not actually that close to the airport at all. It also wins bonus points as there's a Toby Carvery on the same site!

It's relatively easy to find a list of various filming locations online and I popped them into a map in preparation for the trip (feel free to use the map if you want) :-)

We tried to visit as many as we could; some we only managed to do as drive-bys though and the weather wasn't exactly great which didn't help - but here's the shots I managed to take!

Gwen, Doris and Uncle Bryn's Houses

Pam and Mick's House

Stacey's Café Job

Nessa's Arcade Job

Nessa and Dave's Wedding

Nessa's Pregnancy Announcement

Baby Neil's Christening Party

Smithy's Drunk Pub Quiz

Nessa's Living Statue Performance

Gwen's Birthday Barndance Party

Gavin and Stacey's Favourite Chippy (Boofy's)

Dave Coaches' Bus Stop

Barry Island Fairground

Barry Island Beach

There's still lots of places we didn't get to though so I reckon that probably warrants another trip there!


  1. I am SUCH a G&S geek so I absolutely loved this and am so jealous! I recently introduced Thomas to Gavin & Stacey - luckily he loved it, or the wedding might have been off! - so it's all fresh in my mind and I'm genuinely thrilled to see these locations. Also nerdily fascinated to learn that everything was filmed in Wales, including Pam & Mick's house.

    1. I know, when we started researching all the places we couldn't believe so many of them were actually in Wales too! (made for a cheap production budget I suppose, ha!)
      It's fascinating too, the camera angles they must have used - Pam & Mick's driveway is a *lot* smaller than you think and their street is actually a tiny cul-de-sac! :-) xx
      (ps. how on earth did Thomas managed to miss G&S all these years!?)

  2. Shut up did it air 10 years ago?! That's crazy!!! I wasn't a big fan but my parents are/were - it must be so fun to visit somewhere like this when you are a fan. You managed to see a lot, despite the weather, which is cool. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to show my Mam this ahah.

    Danielle xo

    1. I know, I had to double (and triple) check the date too! Hope your mam enjoyed reading all about it - you'll have to come down to Wales for a holiday! :-) xx


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