Tuesday 30 June 2015

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 20th June

I'm a week late with this month's photo an hour post (and a whole month late with May's but we won't go there...) - I meant to have this published last Tuesday!

Anyway, the short story is for July's photo an hour date I've chosen Saturday 18th July - let's hope the mini heatwave lasts til then and we can have lots of sunny beach and BBQ themed pictures!

The long story is here's how my day panned out...

9am - It was Andrew's turn to cook breakfast and he didn't do too badly.

10am - Andrew had taken the lorry out to a local event but I stayed home for a bit and tried to get on with sorting out the 136 dresses I'd dug out of my wardrobe.

11am - Time for a spot of tea and cake.

12pm - I remembered that I still hadn't unpacked the previous night's American candy bargains from B&M.

1pm - Off to catch the bus to the other side of town to meet Andrew for lunch.

2pm - Andrew had taken his lorry to the local heritage railway station and they'd laid on a vintage-style lunch in their buffet carriage.

3pm - Off for a walk around the station.

4pm - Still at the station with Andrew's lorry, watching the last few punters drift away.

5pm - I was back home and started undoing the cards for both my dad and Andrew's dad ready for father's day on the Sunday.

6pm - The current project was this little stuffed dog which came free as a kit on the cover of Knit Now magazine.

7pm - Still knitting but the wool's getting a bit tangled.

8pm - Gave up with the knitting to take the new car out for a spin in the lovely evening light.

9pm - Andrew's choice of driving music!

10pm - Back home and everyone needs a bit of Gavin and Stacey before bed!

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I hope I've managed to include everyone but give me a shout if you took part and I haven't included you. See you next month!

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  1. How do you take part in it? I do my Photo an Hour posts monthly, but I had no idea there is a link up going on around the community. Btw, your day seems really cool!
    Andreea Catsfika

  2. Right, definitely, one hundred percent, doing this next month. Probably.
    And 136 dresses? Someone has a little problem no?
    M x

  3. Next months date is perfect! I'm meeting a blogger friend so that will be fun to take photos of (and easy to forget about...)

  4. A busy day. The vintage lunch looks yummy. How many dresses?!

  5. 136 dresses?! You really are a duck in a dress! :)

  6. I missed it again- ooops. Sadly I was in the lab all day so it would have been very boring. You lunch looks epic :) And 136 dresses?! I don't think I own even close to 100 items of clothing!!!
    Miss Pond | Manchester Based Lifestyle Blog

  7. I always love your photos, because you seem to pack so much into your weekends! I agree with all the other comments though - 136 dresses is probably verging on an obsession!

  8. The 18th July is a great day! In my diary!

    Lizzie Dripping


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