Tuesday 30 April 2013

April Happiness

Five things which have made me smile this month...

1. This scarf - picked up in a charity shop for next to nothing.
Bird themed scarf
2. This coat (£9 from Primark) - it has ducks! All over it! Perfect for Glastonbury Festival later this summer!
Duck parka
Please, please, please excuse my cheesy grin - I don't do scheduled smiles very well!
3. The Pirate Flyer - On the last evening of our holiday me and Andrew hopped on the 'Pirate Flyer' inside Coral Island Amusements at Blackpool. A pirate themed monorail aimed at younsters, it was only £1 so we climbed on for a bit of fun. Turned out to be loads of fun! Your ship sails high above the penny arcade machines and one armed bandits passed other pirate boats and shipwrecks all the while trying to shoot sparkly laser discs hung from the ceiling.
We left the ride giggling like little children!

4. Finally finding something for Andrew's birthday in a couple of weeks - he'll have to wait next year for it but it's good!
More info to follow (I would reveal more but he actually reads this blog!)

5. At the end of our holiday, a text message from my lovely friend M saying "we missed you at work!"
What little things have made you happy this month?

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