Friday, 3 November 2017

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 15th July

And the final photo an hour catch up, July's date was Saturday 15th.

Here's what the day looked like...

11am - Starting the day a bit later with a lie in.

12pm - Playing about with attempting to redesign and revive our local NCT newsletter (don't worry, we didn't use this design - you can see the final version here)

1pm - Tidying...

2pm - Dinner prep for a slow cooker meal later on.

3pm - Look who's back after visiting the grandparents!

4pm - And then time for a nap.

5pm - Getting ready for a toddler-free night out at the theatre (to see one of my favorite shows, for umm...the 14th time. Believe me though, it's worth it - I wrote about how good it is a few years ago too).

6pm - Date night at McDonalds (#keepingitclassy)

7pm - And off to the theatre we go (and yup, we had tickets for all the shows advertised on the poster...)

8pm - Interval...

9pm - And even after seeing the show so many times, it still brings tears to my eyes.

10pm - And homeward we go.

It was Jane's turn to do the round up that month and for August, she chose the Saturday of the Bank Holiday weekend - which you can read all about here!

Also, check out what I was up to in...


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Thank you very much for all your lovely comments; I do have every intention of replying but sometimes life with a toddler gets in the way...

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