Sunday 10 November 2013

Saturday 9th November - A Photo Every Hour

Back in September I took part in my very first 'photo an hour' challenge. It was organised by Janey from Is That You Darling and several other bloggers took part as well.
The lovely Janey organised another one for Saturday 9th November and I enjoyed it so much last time, I decided to take part again! (plus it fell neatly into fulfilling #BEDN's Day 8 - Day in the Life)

Here's my day in Instagram shots...

10am - We arrived home from Weston Super Mare Carnival on Friday night at about 1am so a lazy lie in was required Saturday morning 
10am alarm clock - Mopping the floor
11am - Getting on with some housework; the hallway floor needed mopping
(this time of year, it seems to get ever so dirty!)

12pm - Catching up with a spot of blog reading and commenting
Bloglovin reading - Joe Browns Dress
1pm - My blog reading had strayed to this gorgeous Joe Browns reindeer dress I'd been umming and ahhing whether to buy; I bought it!

2pm - Made a spot of lunch/brunch/breakfast (not sure what to call it at 2pm?), a McDonald's style Sausage and Egg Muffin
Sausage and Egg Muffin - Blog post writing
3pm - Putting the final touches to my #BEDN Day 9 post, Blog Chat
 4pm - On our way to North Petherton for the Carnival, driving into Wells with a lovely view of the cathedral
Driving through Wells - Style at Home magazine Christmas issue
 5pm - Arrived in North Petherton with a bit of time to spare before heading out to watch the procession so I browsed the latest (Christmassy!) issue of Style at Home

6pm - All wrapped up warm ready to stand on the side of the road for the Carnival procession
Wrapped up warm for the Carnival - A nice cup of tea
7pm - A nice cup of tea whilst waiting for the floats to reach us

8pm - The Carnival is well underway, it may be raining hard but the show still goes on!
North Petherton Carnival procession
9pm - Yet more floats, but also yet more rain; the umbrella's coming in very handy!
 10pm - On our way home from the Carnival and it's still raining...
Driving in the rain - A nice cake and cup of tea
11pm - Another nice cup of tea and a little chocolate cupcake before bedtime


  1. Really loved following your day on Instagram. That sounds a wee bit stalkery....but let's go with it.
    M x

    1. I'm cool with that, I've never had a stalker! :-) x

  2. Thanks for joining in again! I really do love seeing people's days one hour at a time, it's a lot of fun! Also, I love that dress! If I'd been on Instagram throughout the day, I'd have been encouraging you to buy it! :)

    Janey x

    1. I really enjoyed it! I'm definitely doing the one in December as well :-)
      I did buy the dress is the end - it's going to be my work Christmas outfit! :-) x


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