Thursday 14 November 2013

Day 14 - Workspace

Day 14 of Rosalilium's blog every day in November challenge
(Share some photos of your workspace, whether it's your office at home or work.)

My workspace is a open plan office, shared with another 8 lovely ladies and 2 equally lovely (but under-represented) men.
I work at a University dealing with postgraduate students, from before they even apply for MSc's through to them arriving and being here for a year, and then eventually watching them all graduate in December.

Although it's not the career path I eventually want to end up on, I do enjoy my job. The work is really interesting, the majority of the staff are pretty good team players and the students themselves (from all over the world) are both entertaining and crazy.

Even though there's a lot of work to be done, we always try and have a laugh as well...

Magnum Ice Creams at a Computer Desk
During the long hot summer, a couple of boxes of Magnums kept us going...

Birthday Cakes at Work
I'm the resident cake baker at work - in total there's 13 of us in the same team which means at least one birthday cake every month. November however, has 4 birthdays! The two above are Chocolate Ferrero Roche Cake (at the top) and Chocolate Orange Cake (at the bottom). Still 2 cakes left to make this month though!

Prince Edward - University of Bath Chancellors Installation
As well as fun in the office, we also get to go to quite a lot of events - some for the students and some for the University. Last week saw Prince Edward being put in as Chancellor of the Uni; there was a ballot of all interested staff and students and I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the ceremony at Bath Abbey.

Sunset in the Office
The view from my desk might be all tables and chairs but when the sun shines through the windows, it's quite a pretty sight.

Basil the Dog in the Office
Basil belong to one of the girls in our office and he makes an appearance every couple of months - he gets very excited to see us all and certainly gets made a fuss of (so much so that one time, he got so excited he wet himself on the floor!).

Halloween Characters
Our token gesture towards Halloween...

Christmas Countdown
Believe it or not, the 'Days til...Christmas' bit has been up on our noticeboard since January. As well as all the official Christmas University celebrations, we're also planning: Secret Santa, a Christmas Quiz, Festive Pass The Parcel and a Christmas Coin Hunt. We've also been having lots of fun with ElfYourself.
As you can see we all concentrate very hard on our paperwork...

Christmas at the Office
This was Christmas last year; we keep it quite restrained when the students are around but after they've all left, we go for the over-the-top tacky approach. The large dog sings Christmas tunes and the tree on the left hand side sprays snow all over itself. Yep, we are that classy...
What does your workplace get up to for Christmas?


  1. Wow, I adore your workspace! You seem to get along so well with your co-workers and eventhough it may be 'just an office', you lot make it look great with all the extras.

    1. Thanks Saskia! There's certainly a lot of extras at Christmas :-) x

  2. This looks like an awesome place to work! I wanna come just for the snacks - magnums AND cake AND chocolate orange? You people have good taste! ;)

    Sarah xx

    1. Haha, we always consider it a problem if we've run out of food! :-) x

  3. Your workspace is one of those places that makes me wish I had a community to work within!

    1. It is good, luckily we all seem to get on fairly well! :-) x

  4. That looks a really fun place to work, I use to work in a basement, it was so awful, no windows or proper air. Horrid!

    1. Oh no! That sounds awful, you definitely need somewhere with a bit of a window! :-) x

  5. That looks like a lovely place to work! It's always nicer going to work when it feels a bit more fun :)

    1. Absolutely, it always makes Sunday night and Monday morning a bit sweeter, knowing that there may well be cake or fun and games the nexy day :-) x

  6. You are clearly a baking genius. I want to work in your office!! :-) xxx

    1. Why thank you! :-) There are sometimes vacancies but it's probably a bit of a long commute... :-) xxx


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