Tuesday 5 November 2013

Day 5 - Bonfire Night

Day 5 of Rosalilium's blog every day in November challenge
Bonfire Night

(Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot...tomight is bonfire night or Guy Fawkes Night. What will you be doing tonight? Bonfire? Fireworks? Apple Bobbing? Toasting Marshmallows?)

Hello! Remember me?

I'm Omnibear (the mascot of the staff society where Mr and Mrs Duck work) and back in August I had one big adventure with lots of steam engines and fairground rides at the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Omnibear at the Carnival

I've had a very exciting bonfire weekend - I've been out with the Ducks going to see my first ever Carnival procession and a huge firework display!

I had a peek at some of the spectacular floats on Saturday night at Bridgwater but it rained quite a bit so I mostly stayed snug in Mrs Duck's handbag.

Gremlins Carnival Club - Xtinct
This one was called 'Xtinct', all about dinosaurs - presented by Gremlins Carnival Club

Masqueraders Carnival Club - Stampede
A wild west themed entry called 'Stampede' from Masqueraders Carnival Club

Huckyduck Carnival Club - War of the Worlds
A tableau float from Huckyduck Carnival Club based on the classic 'Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds'

Marketeers Carnival Club - Anarchy
A great entry from Marketeers Carnival Club - 'Anarchy' - punk rock, tube trains and graffiti!

Griffens Carnival Club - Steam Punk
A happy smiley dancer from Griffens Carnival Club's 'Steam Punk' entry

Harlequins Carnival Club - City of Rock
A rocking entry from Harlequins Carnival Club - 'City of Rock'

On Sunday we all went to Burnham on Sea to look at the Carnival floats in the daylight, where they were all waiting for Monday night's procession. It was great to have a close up look at how they were all designed and painted plus Mr Duck took a good look at a lot of the engineering.

Burnham on Sea Carnival Float Line Up

Omnibear on a Carnival float

Omnibear being eaten by a dinosaur
I wasn't too keen on this creature - I thought it would be a safe place to perch!

Marketeers Carnival Club - Anarchy

Omnibear on the Carnival floats

In the evening it rained again but we all huddled under an umbrella and watched the big fireworks display over the bay. I love fireworks; I might be a small bear but I'm certainly not frightened of all the bangs and crackles!

Omnibear at Burnham on Sea Fireworks
Burnham on Sea Fireworks

On Monday night, we were back in Burnham on Sea for the Carnival procession and I found a lovely, warm and comfy viewing space in Mrs Duck's little brother's coat pocket. He looked after me very well and I got to see all the amazing floats - there were all sorts of costumes and themes, but sadly not many bears taking part! :-(

Omnibear at the Carnivals

After the last few days of gallivanting about, I can barely open my eyes - I definitely need a rest!



  1. Omnibear, you are so cute! I am loving your pictures with the fireworks :) x

    1. Thanks Rosie! I love fireworks, they seem so huge! :-) x

  2. Lovely fireworks Omnibear!

  3. Omnibear is cute, the carnival/parade looks amazing!


    1. Thanks Hannah! I like being called cute! :-) x

  4. Lovely to see you again, Omnibear! It looks like you had a fantastic Bonfire Night!!


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