Tuesday 19 November 2013

Day 19 - Newsflash

Day 19 of Rosalilium's blog every day in November challenge
(Talk about something that is in the news today.)

National News

I spotted this article on the BBC website about the UK's Mass Observation Project. The charity headquarters have just been moved to a lovely shiny new home and the article details '10 Things We Learned From Mass Observation'.

Mass Observation Project Logo
I stumbled across the project while at Uni back in 2001 when I found a journal article all about it and then I searched out the most famous of all mass observers, Nella Last and her wartime diaries.
The project was founded in 1937 by three young lads who aimed to create an 'anthropology of oursleves' and the basic idea is that thousands of ordinary people write about their ordinary lives, creating an invaluable and absolutely fascinating record of everyday life. The organisation has changed a few times over the years but the idea is still the same, with lots of people across the UK scribbling down their activities, thoughts and lives.

I wonder if bloggers will be considered as Mass Observers in the future? A lot of us do document our lives, complete with thoughts, ideas and photographs and that's exactly the sort of thing the project records.

Anything written by a Mass Observer is a really interesting read, but I'd definitely recommend starting with Nella Last's books about the Second World War. She goes into so much detail, most of it she thinks is mundane but it isn't, it really isn't. The BBC made a drama adaptation of the books in 2006 (featuring Victoria Wood as Nella) - it's called 'Housewife, 49' and is a wonderful movie whether you're interested in history, the war, everyday life or even just the way a community copes day to day. Basically it's fab - just watch it!

And in personal news...

We have an appointment with the chief IVF consultant on 18th December! This probably sounds like something really insignificant but in the IVF world, it's what's known as A Big Thing.
It's one step closer and hopefully after that appointment, I'll know what sort of drugs I'll have to take and inject - happy times! :-)


  1. Congrats on the appointment! Will be keeping everything crossed for you :-) xxx

    1. Aww thanks lovely! I'll keep everyone updated with how it all goes :-) xxx

  2. Ooooh so happy for the appointment! Will be lighting a candle for you and keep my fingers crossed!

  3. Congratulations- I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on December 18th x

  4. Good luck with the appointment--fingers crossed that 2014 will bring much joy.

    Mass Observation is something I haven't heard of before. I will have to try and watch the BBC drama as it sounds fascinating!

    1. Thanks Angela (I certainly hope so too!) x
      You should definitely watch the drama if you get a chance, it's a really interesting story and really well filmed. x

  5. Fingers crossed for your personal newsflash :) x


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