Saturday 16 November 2013

Day 16 - Hobbies

Day 16 of Rosalilium's blog every day in November challenge
(Tell us about one of your favourite hobbies. Alternatively, tell us about the hobbies you would like to take up in the future.)

Well, you've probably all worked out by now that one of my favourite hobbies is the Somerset's best kept secret - the wonderful illuminated Carnival season.

I've written quite a bit over the last few weeks and as of tonight it'll all go quite on the Carnival front for another year as tonight is the last big procession, taking place in Glastonbury at 6.45pm.

In case you missed anything (and you're not bored by it already...), here's a quick recap of some of the posts I've done over the last few weeks. I'm quite chuffed with how many Carnival-related things I managed to shoehorn into 'blog every day in November'!

Why I Love Autumn (explains what it's all about)
Bridgwater Carnival Concerts (the annual pre-Carnival procession concerts)
Playing Dress Up Over The Years (the costumes I've worn and floats I've danced on)
Day 2 - Something You Made (the Carnival floats and costumes I've made over the years)
Day 3 - Light (the annual Bridgwater Carnival Squibbing display)
Day 5 - Bonfire Night (Omnibear's travels around Somerset to see fireworks and Carnivals)
Saturday 9th November - A Photo Every Hour (a typical November Saturday attending a Carnival)
The Midweek Hop - Carnival Time (three jukebox songs on the theme of Carnival)

In a few hours time, as it'll all be over for another year, it'll then be time to start thinking about Christmas! :-)

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