Friday 29 November 2013

Day 28 - The Great Outdoors

Day 28 of Rosalilium's blog every day in November challenge
The Great Outdoors
(Get outside and share it with us!)

So another belated #BEDN post, this time because yesterday morning I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy - full of stinking cold and a throbbing headache. It probably sounds sad but I hate taking days off work; yesterday though Andrew put his foot down and said I was in no fit state to go in and left me at home! Probably for the best though as I took some Neurofen and went back to bed waking up at lunchtime feeling not 100% but certainly much better than earlier that morning.

So as it happens, I didn't 'get outside and share it' as the prompt says (and I'm guessing a few pictures of a duvet, tablets and a hot water bottle won't really cut it...) but I do have a couple of pretty photos, a few links to posts I've written about the outdoors and a book recommendation if that'd do?

Bristol Harbourside
 Bristol Harbourside at night

Clifton Gorge, Bristol
 Clifton Gorge, Bristol

There's a few posts I've written about our travels around the great outdoors...

Day 22 - Leaving on a Jet Plane (our two week camping roadtrip round Scotland)
Autumnal Pleasure at Sydney Gardens (beautiful autumn colours in Bath)
How Does Your Garden Grow (garden flowers)
Beside the Seaside, Beside the Sea... (a trip to Weymouth Beach)
A Paddle in the Sea at West Bay (a trip to West Bay, Dorset)
A Picnic at Ebbor Gorge Viewpoint (our favourite local place for a picnic)
The Camel Trail - Padstow to Wadebridge (a walk along Cornwall's Camel Trail)
Across the Cliffs in Cornwall - Wheal Coates Mine to Chapel Porth (a walk along the cliffs)
Steaming Along the Two Tunnels Project (a new cyclepath in Bath)

And a fab book to read?

Wild Guide Book by Daniel Start

I've had Daniel Start's Wild Swimming book for several years now and back in the summer he published a new book - 'Wild Guide' - as the tagline says, all about hidden places and great adventures in South West England. It's really well organised and arranged split into the four counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset with sections featuring top tips for things like secret coves, night walks and wild camping.

We went to a talk back in July by the author at Toppings Bookshop in Bath and it was fab to hear that quite a few places we knew about are included in the book - we felt very smug!

Wild Guide Talk at Topping Bookshop, Bath
So that's my recommended book - great for finding wild and secret places in South West England's great outdoors.
Is there anywhere else in the UK you'd recommend for getting out into the 'great outdoors'?


  1. Great photographs - especially the first - that is really eye catching. I use to love getting outdoors upon the North Yorkshire Moors and at the moment I really want to explore and get more outdoors in the south west region of Pennsylvania - loads of forest and hills.

    1. Thanks Rachael! It was taken last weekend in Bristol; the evening just looked so pretty with all the different colours. :-) x

  2. Stunning photos of Bristol. x


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