Sunday 29 September 2013

Wallpaper Design - What to Choose?

We're renovating one of our bedrooms at the moment (you might have seen some of the demolition from my 'duckpond' posts) and the main part I'm playing in all this is choosing the wallpaper and paint for the room.

When we moved in 4 years ago, we'd bookmarked the room as a future nursery but as there's now a chance that won't happen (see here for an explanation) we decided to decorate it with what we want but also try and keep it fairly easy to change or adapt if we do ever need it as a nursery.

Havign browsed Pinterest, house magazines and lots of websites it seems pretty obvious that I'm drawn to blues and greens, and I also quite fancy things with bird print.

These are a few of our faves...
1. Bird Wallpaper - Wilkinsons (£8.50)
2. Riviera Teal Floral Wallpaper - The Range (£9.99)
3. Birds of a Feather Wallpaper - Lancashire Wallpapers (£10.99)
4. Vintage Lace Dove Grey Wallpaper - The Range (£9.99)
5. Teal Bird Wallpaper - Next (£15)
And I also like this...
UK Bus Tour Wallpaper
UK Bus Tour Wallpaper from UK Wallpaper (£6.99)
But I have no idea where it would go in our house!
Eventually we've settled on this blue and green bird print paper for one wall...
Bird Wallpaper
Eden Bird Wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper (£8.98)
With a soft blue paint on the other three walls...
Blue Paint
Summer Tide Emulsion from Wilkinsons
We just need to buy everything and get on and do it now!


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