Monday 5 August 2013

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

 Playing - with a friend's 1948 Scammell Showtrac lorry, 'City of Exeter'.
The lorry was at Carters Steam Fair this weekend in Bath's Royal Victoria Park and between me and Andrew, and Andrew's parents, we were charged with looking after it for the weekend.
Which meant a bit of cleaning and polishing, a bit of talking to interested spectators and a bit of refuelling when the diesel supply was getting low. The lorry spent the weekend powering the Chair-o-Planes ride, the Jungle Thriller Ark ride and the Steam Yachts ride - I think we got through about 37½ gallons of diesel!

Scammell Showtrac at the fairground

Packing - for our trip to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this week. We're going by train and we have to take sleeping bags, pillows and all the clothes and associated other stuff needed for 5 days up north. Who knows what the weather will get up to - I think I'm going to end up packing summer dresses and a raincoat!

Scheduling - a few posts for this week when we're away in (hopefully sunny) Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival!

 What did you get up to at the weekend?


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