Thursday 1 August 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow

What with the sunny weather at the beginning of July and now the rainy downpours at the end of July, our garden has been exploding with colour and greenery.


The bramley apple tree in our back garden is steadily growing lots of little green apples which is amazing considering that last summer we had hardly any apples (the persistent rain killed off most of the flowers early in the season).

Bramley apple tree

And the hanging baskets and tubs that were planted in a rush using bin liners and cheapie plants from the local DIY centre have gone mad with buds and leaves everywhere.

Hanging baskets

After the last few dismal summers we've had here in the UK, we could certainly do with a riot of colour in the garden!

Firelight in garden



  1. Your garden looks so colourful with these flowers, nice and fresh. Nice candles as well, I'd love to have some in the garden but we barely sit outside, so no point in having them really..

    1. Thank you! Some of the candles in our garden we've had for years - with the rainly summers each year, we don't get to use them that often! :-) x


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