Saturday 29 November 2014

Top 20 Posts on Duck in a Dress

Over on Bluebell and Bumpkin last month, I spotted this post listing Beccy's top 10 posts. She in turn saw the same post over on Jasmin Charlotte and now here I am, changing things slightly by bringing you the top 20 posts (in terms of page views) here on Duck in a Dress.

Top 20 Posts on Duck in a Dress

{cue some cheesy Top 40 countdown music}

 This post surprised me; I went to a swishing event last year and it seems my post about the clothes I picked up was rather popular!

 A wander round some fireworks and Carnival floats with that cuddly little dude, Omnibear.

 I'm not sure why my first 10 'happy days' photos are so popular but there you go.

 John Lawson's Circus parked up only a couple of miles away last year and I managed to get a few pictures during the evening (there are pictures of clowns in the post though so don't click over there if you don't like them!)
 This was the other post about the same swishing event; it was a fab evening and one I hope they'll repeat sometime soon.
 Lots of Joe Brown's dresses in this post - all of which I've managed to wear throughout this summer!
14. 52 Lists - Favourite Quotes
I did this post a bit different, rather than just listing my favourite ones from famous people, I dug out my school leaving book and found my favourite quotes from teachers and classmates.
 This one was of the first few posts I put together, just after a week long holiday in Blackpool last April.
 I loved writing this post and I'd still love people to come and watch one of our Somerset Carnivals. I've shared it in quite a few places and I think it's been retweeted a few times so that's probably why it features quite high.

 I wasn't sure what to think when I was writing this one; I wanted to put out there exactly what it was like to go through but also didn't want to make anyone feel awkward, squeamish or just for the whole post to seem really bitter. I hope it worked.
 All the fun of the fairground in this post; we usually go every year although I had to miss this as it was only a week after I broke my ankle :-(
 My top 5 tips for distance learning, written just after I'd come back from one of my residential study schools in Aberystwyth.
 This was the first bloggy swap type thing I'd taken part in, putting together a package of summer sunshine for my swap partner.
 I'd wanted to feature my brother on here and this week seemed like a ideal opportunity. The post ended up being shared by several Down's Syndrome twitter accounts and I was surprised and amazed by the reaction it generated.
 This is one of the places we visit quite often in Cornwall, the coastal path is pretty stunning with old mine works, sweeping views and a selection of local wildlife.

 I really enjoyed taking part in this swap and ended up receiving probably the best thrifty present ever!

 The very first bloggy event I'd been invited to and it was a lovely day with plenty of photo opportunities around the house and estate.
 Last year's Pilton review - featuring fireworks, polar bears, lights, tightrope walkers, caterpillars, cottages and sunshine.
 One that got shared in quite a few places, my review of a Saturday spent talking libraries and networking seemed quite popular.

And in top position...

1. Wings and Wheels at Carters Steam Fair
 Basically a post all about the beauty of fairground art!
What's your favourite post from the list?
(or if you have one, what's the most viewed post from your blog?)

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