Sunday 16 November 2014

An A-Z of Me - L

A-Z of Me - L

Libraries - It's safe to say I love libraries; I remember being a little kid and playing at running my own library with my own books so it was only natural that I ended up working in one at school and then again after university. Although I don't work in one at the moment, I'd love to become a proper chartered librarian and hopefully when I've finished my postgrad degree I'll be able to make a start on getting back into library work.

Learning - I love learning, I love knowing things, I love researching and finding out things and I was one of "those" children who adored school. I think it's in my nature that if I don't know something, I want to find it out and that was part of the fun working in a library - you were also discovering something!

Lorries - This wasn't something that was a huge part of my life before I met Andrew but I've had to learn a lot about old lorries over the last 10 years. Andrew spent his life before me restoring a 1952 Scammell lorry which used to work on the fairgrounds in the 1960's and we take it to various steam rallies during the summer. At the moment it lives at his mum and dad's house but pretty soon it's going to have a new (undercover) home on the side of our house.

Lemon drizzle cake - My favourite type of cake, although it has to be proper gooey and drizzly.

Lists - I am definitely a lists type of person. I have lists for everything and if in doubt, there's nothing a good list can't solve. My two biggest lists are both spreadsheets - one containing all the file names of all the carnival photographs on my other website (there's 29,698 entries) and the other one containing a list of all the theatre and comedy shows I've seen (345 at the last count - yup, I am that sad).

Lipstick - I never used to wear lipstick, I would always imagine people would be looking at me thinking 'ooh, that doesn't suit her'. This year though, I've tried to wear brighter colours and not worry about it. It still feels a bit weird but the more I do it, the more normal it'll feel.

Louisa - My first name begins with L and my surname now (after marrying Andrew) also begins with L.
I like to think I've got a very sing-songy name!

What 'L' things sum you up?

For the rest of the alphabet click here!


  1. I love libraries too! I spent so long in them when I was younger, and was so excited when they changed the rules so I could take 12 books out rather than 4! Oh the possibilities!

  2. This is a GREAT list! I've always had a yearning to be a librarian, but you've actually done some of the work for real! I went for a job as orchestral librarian at English National Opera and was gutted not to get it!!!
    That amount of shows is amazing!!!

  3. I'm with you on the lemon drizzle - well anything lemon based, it's a weakness of mine!

  4. Excellent L list (obviously, as a lover of lists... What's the official term for someone who loves lists? Hang on... I'll Google it...
    I can't find anything, so I'm going with "listophile").
    Anyway, my L's would be... Lewes (where I live, and I loves it), lovely (probably my most over-used word), also lists (fellow listophile here), and literature (because I like books, and literature sounds fancier :p) xxx

  5. I love libraries too, and I'm lucky to work in a lovely library. By the way, every library branch I've ever worked in has that library mug in the staff room! :)


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