Tuesday 3 February 2015

What Duck Wore...On a January Work Day

On my 33 before 33 list, I have this thingy about doing one outfit post a month. The idea was inspired by Janet's post last year about how bad outfit shots can make you feel better; that really struck a chord with me as I don't feel at all comfortable in front of a camera.

Put me behind one and I'll happily snap away but put me in front of one on my own and I just don't know what to do. How am I supposed to stand? Do I smile or laugh (and risk pulling some kind of weirdo face)? Does the one-hand-on-your-hip-and-leg-bent thing look too forced? Do I cultivate some kind of staring-into-space arty look? Does this outfit which I think I look good in look hideous to everyone else? And so on and so on.

January outfit

The best pictures of me are the ones that have been taken really quickly or by accident. The sort of ones that, when you're looking back at your pictures on the computer, you think "oh, wow, I actually don't look too bad there".

I don't really want to live my life only feeling good about the 'surprise' pictures though, it'd be nice to think I could actually stand in front of a camera wearing a nice dress and not feel like a complete prat.
January outfit
So in the spirit of pushing myself to try new things, here's my first outfit post for 2015.
With the exception of the shoes (I'll tell you about them in a minute) this is what I wore on my first day back to work after three and half months of sick leave.
The dress was from Asda, bought last November for only £12 and it's had quite a lot of use since then (I even spent my birthday daytime wearing it). It's black and white leopard print but I don't think it's particularly loud or in-your-face so I feel quite okay wearing it.
January outfit
The cardigan was a little gem picked up in a charity shop just before Christmas. It was priced at only £2.99, I'm pretty sure it's handmade and it certainly hadn't had a lot of use. There was a tiny little hole in one area of the neckline but that was no bother to sew up easily.
January outfit - handmade cardigan
The shoes I haven't actually worn to work yet (it's far too cold at the moment) but I picked them up last Saturday in a charity shop for £8, completely new and unworn. They're Clarks 'K' shoes and are also the very first thing I've bought clothes-wise in 2015 - the cutting-down-on-clothes and high street ban thingy is going well so far.
January outfit - Clarks shoes
How do you feel about having your photo taken?


  1. I hate having my photo taken too. My face always looks like a Picasso painting! You look great and loving your charity shop bargains! x

  2. I think you look lovely! I'm the same as you, I think - I look too much like my dad in some angles (which would be great if I were a tall, burly bloke, but alas!) so I'd much prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it! :) xx

  3. I hate having my photo taken as well, and like you, I much prefer to be behind the camera. You do look good and I love those shoes!

  4. I love the pattern on the dress and I can completely sympathise with hating having your photo taken.

    Lizzie Dripping

  5. Love that dress! Tam's mum gets loads of stuff in Asda but I can never see anything I like. I totally thought you'd made the cardigan, great buy :) I find taking pictures of myself made me look less daft in front of the camera after a while, it just takes lots of practise!

  6. I think you look great and not at all awkward! Sometimes we think it's so very much worse than it is.
    I am appalling in photos, I look a shambles always.
    And another lovely dress.
    M x

  7. Lovely outfit and you don't look awkward at all! I hate having my picture taken but I do want to get better at it, one a month is a really great idea to ease into it :) Xx

  8. I hate having my picture taken, but do love being behind the camera. I'm very much an awkward subject!

    George at ASDA has some great little finds at reasonable prices. Always picking up bits there, for me and the rest of the family.
    Bits & Bobs

  9. I was the same. Honestly, there is about a decade of my life where there are virtually no photos of me as they were terrible or didn't get taken. I started doing outfit posts for exactly the same reason as you and now I'm fine in front of a camera, not awkward!!!

    Those shoes are a marvellous find, as is the cardie!! Hurrah for charity shops!!!!!! You look very pretty here and not at all awkward! X

  10. I still find it SO awkward having outfit photos taken! I'm lucky that Thomas is incredibly patient and happy to just take loads and loads of pictures until we accidentally land a couple of decent ones.

  11. I love your cardi and your shoes! I hate having my photo taken though (recently had to submit a photo to a magazine for their website and ended up having to use one of me being silly, going down a slide, as it was the only one I could find of me on my own where my face was behaving itself!)

  12. I wouldn't know where to start doing an outfit photo! I'm not one for posing for pictures either. But you look great! And i'm loving your shoes. Xx


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