Friday 5 August 2016

This Little Big Life: Food!

This Little Big Life is a weekly link-up started by Sarah and Louise - all about capturing the little moments which make up a big life from the previous weekend.

Saturday was all about starting solid food, trying new tastes and wondering what it's all about.

Sunday was all about making a mess, practising crawling and not posing for photographs.


Pop over to Sarah's blog and Louise's blog to see what they got up to...


  1. he he, I remember the early days of food, very much trial and error. Love the posing! #thislittlebiglife

  2. Looks like she's a fan of the broccoli! Good choice :)

    ~ K

  3. Lily's made that broccoli spread much further than I'd ever expect; she clearly takes after you in the "make things stretch further" meal planning department :p xxx


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