Wednesday 10 August 2016

An Ikea Vlog Haul - Stuff for Adults and Children

Me a month ago: Think I'll make a little vlog thingy with Lily about the stuff we bought in Ikea. It shouldn't be too hard.

Me over the last few weeks: What the...? How can piecing together some basic video clips be so difficult? Everyone else makes it look easy! {begins to wonder if this means I'm now officially old and technology really is for the youngsters} (and the fact that I just used the word 'youngsters').

So I present to you, in all it's choppily-edited, baby-squawking, West Country accent glory - What we bought in Ikea (complete with it's incredibly catchy clip title). A video so out of date that Lily is now a month older and we've already started on solids. There's also two things we bought which didn't fit very well in the video hence the two random extra clips below - all very professional I'm sure you'll agree.

Here's what we bought in case anyone's interested...

Varvind vases, pack of two, £3 on the website (ours were pink vases and were on offer at £1 or 90p to Ikea Family members instore)
Sommar napkins, pack of 30, blue, 45p (to Ikea Family members, 50p to everyone else)
Sommar napkins, pack of 30, red, 45p (to Ikea Family members, 50p to everyone else)
Patrull drawer/cupboard catch, pack of 5, £150 (to Ikea Family members, £2.50 to everyone else)
Chosigt ice lolly maker, £2
Kalas coloured bowls, pack of 6, 90p
Kalas coloured plates, pack of 6, 90p
Bestaende soap dispenser, £4
Smarta oven/serving dish, £4.50
Slaende gift wrap, pack of 3, £4
Mytisk gift wrap, £1.25
Brada laptop support, £2.90
Signe rug, £1.90 on the website but it was £1.75 instore
Slakting box, £6
Soligt cushion, £6
Fjadermoln cushion, £6
Flisat book display, £15
Laskig glove puppet, £5
Leka playmat, £25
Antilop highchair, £13
Pyttig supporting cushion for highchair, £6

So spill all, how do you lot make it look so easy? Any editing tips and tricks I should know about?


  1. Honestly, no idea what you bought-I couldn't take my eyes off Lily! What an absolute beauty she is!
    M X

  2. She is so cute!!!

  3. "Daddy says we have too many cushions - but that's not really a thing!" TRUE THAT. Love the cloud cushion - and Lily's enthusiasm for plastic crockery, of course :) xxx


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