Sunday 21 August 2016

Styling the Little One (29 weeks old)

What have we been up to this week?

I've wanted to do baby signing classes for a while but the nearest ones would involve a 45 minute bus ride and that's not something I fancy doing every week. There was a group in Bath doing taster sessions during the holidays though so my dad gave us both a lift into the city to try it out.
Dress: Secondhand but originally M&Co (3-6 months)
We popped out to our local health visitor clinic to return some books we'd borrowed and then did a little bit of shopping.
Dress: Secondhand but originally Matalan (3-6 months)
We spent most of the day out: in the morning at an NCT Bump 'n' Babes group, the lunchtime in a cafĂ© sharing a tuna mayo jacket potato and the afternoon at a Sensory Heaven/messy play-style class at a local children's centre.
Dress: H & M (4-6 months)
A quiet day spent at home in just a nappy!

Most of the day was spent at Nannie & Grampy's house. Andrew's dad has (or rather, had) a vintage lorry from 1935 which he'd owned and restored for 41 years; Friday was the day he sold it and the vehicle was low-loaded away to live with it's new owners!
Dress: Secondhand but originally Jojo Maman Bebe (6-12 months)
Tights: Lily & Dan at Aldi (3-6 months)

A day spent playing and catching up on housework.
Romper: John Lewis (0-3 months)

Andrew took his lorry out to be on display at a local agricultural show, the Mid Somerset Show. We went out to join him for the afternoon.
Long-sleeved vest: Secondhand but originally George at Asda (3-6 months)
Dress: Secondhand but originally Tesco (3-6 months)
Tights: TU at Sainsburys (0-6 months)

How's your week been?

Full credit goes to Helen from Treasure Every Moment - her 'week of style' post with daughter, Isabella inspired me to do the same with Lily :-)


  1. She's adorable! I love every one of her outfits :-)

  2. Aw, all the classes I most want to do are a 45+ minute bus journey each way and I don't think either Matilda or I are up for that every week! What did you make of baby signing? Matilda howled through it but all of the other babies we knew at that point seemed to love it; we make do with Mr Tumble instead. :-/

  3. I love how cute all these dresses are. What a shame that signing is so far away - both my cousins have deaf parents and it was amazing that they picked up baby signing so quickly when they were small.


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