Friday 31 October 2014

Taking Stock - Hop-a-long Style

I haven't done a Taking Stock post for ages (my last one was February) but I've seen lots of people do them recently. So taking inspiration from Lucy's, Michelle's and Chelsea's lists, here's my current Taking Stock list, based on the fact that this time yesterday I hopped along to our local Fracture Clinic, was x-rayed and was told that my broken ankle is no longer broken - yay!

Taking Stock - Hop-a-long Style

Making...lists of food and lists of presents in preparation for doing Christmas at our house this year for 8, possibly 9 people.
Cooking...umm, nothing. Cooking and crutches don't go together very well.
Drinking...copious amounts of tea with the occasional cheeky homemade hot chocolate thrown in for good measure.
Reading...G.I. Brides by Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi. be able to walk at least with one crutch by the time we go to London for my birthday in December.
Looking...forward to lots of things now my plaster cast is off; stuff like taking a proper shower, wearing tights and sleeping on my side.
Playing...catch up with editing pictures over on my other website, Somerset and Wessex Carnival Photographs.
Wasting...time trying to learn to crochet. At the moment, knitting seems far easier!
Fixing...a few different items of clothing from my mending pile.
Deciding...what to put on my own Christmas list.
Wishing...Andrew would actually make a Christmas list!
Enjoying...Cilla on ITV which we recorded the other month.
Waiting...for my first physiotherapy appointment.
Liking...the fact that I no longer have to inject myself every day - yay! long we'll have to wait before restarting our fertility treatment (my ankle has to be practically 200% healed before I'm even allowed to think about the possibility of putting any potential baby weight on it)
Loving...being able to put my foot and ankle in a bowl of hot water - very soothing!
Pondering...about how to write a particular blog post for the middle of November.
Considering...whether to make yet another scarf with the ball of glittery red and black wool I have. It would just add to the 10 or so other scarves I already own though.
Watching...the build-up to Bridgwater Carnival tomorrow night; there's pictures on Twitter and on my Facebook feed but we decided not to go (as the distance we'll have to walk is a bit much). It'll be the first time I've missed it since 1987 but I'm looking forward to seeing the whole procession at Burnham on Sea on Monday night. be able to head out to some shops soon so I can go and browse all the wool and knitting stuff. how crappy this year has been, medically speaking.
Needing...this trolley from Ikea.
Smelling...the scent of a house that's been "cleaned" by a male for the last six weeks. fabulous new 'chunky walking boot brace thingy' (NHS Technical Term).
Following....the paths of lots of planes from my living room window using the FlightRadar24 website.
Noticing...that it's got quite a bit colder over the last few days.
Knowing...that Andrew's promised to take me out for dinner tonight to celebrate getting my cast off.
Thinking...about dinner! a very small duck at times when I think about how long it'll take to walk again.
Admiring...the gorgeous bush with deep red leaves in our next door neighbour's garden.
Buying...another prescription of Co-Codamol from the pharmacy.
Getting...a bit chubbier. Six weeks of sitting around will do that for you unfortunately (at least that's another incentive to get my ankle working as quick as possible!). idea for a Christmas present for the in-laws which I'll show to Andrew when he gets home from work.
Opening...a Graze box of Summer Berry Flapjack. It is almost elevenses anyway. :-) The Revolution Will Be Televised, Russell Howard's Good News and Have I Got News For You.

Have you taken stock recently? Send me your links if you have!

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  1. I'm very glad to hear you're not having to inject yourself any more. Adding things to my Christmas list is definitely one of my favourite things to do at this time of year :) I've no idea what your mid-November post will be, but I'm sending you mental hugs because it sounds serious xxx


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