Tuesday 14 October 2014

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 11th October

Saturday 11th was the date for Jane's Photo an Hour challenge for October. My day was fairly quiet - a bit of knitting, a bit of TV and a lot of watching everyone else do the housework.
9am - Bit of a lazy lie in this morning as we didn't get back from our evening out at the theatre til near midnight.
 Sunshine through the curtains

10am - Downstairs and listening to 'Friday Night is Music Night' on BBC iPlayer while Andrew makes the breakfast.
 Listening to Friday Night is Music Night

11am - Getting my wool and pattern organised (and trying to figure out what all the abbreviations and instructions mean!)

12pm - Andrew went off to make a cup of tea while I was watching YouTube tutorials about knitting. Rather than yet another picture of some wool, instead here's the view from my perch on the sofa.
The view from the sofa

1pm - Just starting to put the first few rows of the pattern together.

2pm - I have to get up on my crutches every few hours (to keep the blood circulating) so I hopped out to the conservatory to see Andrew having an argument with the lawnmower.
Arguing with the lawnmower

3pm - He did eventually managed to get the grass cut and it's was a good job he did as the heavens opened and it hammered down with rain!
Sunshine after the rain

4pm -  I 'helped' with the laundry which mainly consisted of sitting on a chair and telling him what went where.
Helping with the laundry

5pm - By now, I'd unpicked my knitting 4 times (and a couple of times, had come close to chucking it out the window...)

6pm -  Andrew's mum and dad came round for the afternoon and cooked dinner for us - pork chops and veg.
Dinner of pork chops and veg

7pm -  Finally, I think I have the hang of the pattern!

8pm -  Catching up with BBC3's Cuckoo series.
Watching Cuckoo

9pm -  And then catching up with 'Have I Got News For You'.
Watching Have I Got News For You

10pm -  And to finish, an episode of 'Our Zoo' (all the while still knitting away happily).
Knitting in front of Our Zoo

11pm -  In bed and currently almost halfway through this book.
Book cover - The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

Pop on over to Jane's blog to see when the November challenge will be (and hopefully by then I'll be back on two feet!)


  1. Looks like a nice relaxing Saturday! Mine was similar actually, housework, catch-up tv and knitting :)

  2. Haha that shot of Andrew fighting with the lawn mower looks very similar as to Joe's weekly argument with hours!

  3. Oh shame about the leg! Hope you feel better soon. The knitting looks great! I really need to find time to get more knitting done x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. I love the cover of that book! Your knitting is looking brilliant- well done for persevering :) xxx

  5. Looks like a nice relaxing day! I'm laughing at the Lawnmower one- I've been there!!!
    Your wool situation sounded like any occasion with wool is in my house!x

  6. I really like that wool. Its a fab colour.:-) I will miss wstching Our Zoo this eve. x


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