Wednesday 15 October 2014

Here Is The News #15

Here is the News

Blogland Brilliance

Zoe's knitted dinosaur is gorgeous!

Terri has some advice about how to look better in photographs - something which I could do with rather a lot!

Cake porn? Don't mind if I do with Elise's homemade cakes for Macmillian's charity coffee morning - I like the look of the orange and lemon one!

Angela has cake porn of a different kind with her Innocent Big Knit little smoothie hats.

Candy shares some of her collections and muses over the different between hoarding and collecting.

Blogs I've followed this week..

My World My View (thanks to Prompts by Dee)

Emma Hope (ditto)

Little Miss Katy (ditto)

Using My Loaf

Jasmine Charlotte Lifestyle

Interesting Info

Over on the BBC's site, their archive collections contain lots of fascinating films from years gone by. I've watched a few different ones - this one about the British seaside narrated by John Betjeman and filmed in 1969 is quite good and if you're old enough to remember the CBBC Broom Cupboard, there's lots of clips of that too!

The Geological Society's list of the 100 UK's greatest geosites is very good; looking at the list, I've only visited 17 of them already so that still leaves another 83 to see.

This week's Carnivals...

Take place in Trowbridge, Wiltshire (a smallish one), Ottery St Mary, Devon (a smallish one) and Taunton, Somerset (a biggish one) - all on Saturday evening.

What's new with you?


  1. Hi, Thanks for the follow. It always suprises me when someone reads my lil' ol' blog!

  2. I wonder if Ottery St Mary is what Ottery Catchpole in Harry Potter is based on! It's nice to discover new blogs isn't it! I recently found my blogging ultimate friend- she loves Doctor Who like me, is a bit geeky and is a teacher too!
    I loved Candy's collection-so cool,especially the glass snail!x


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