Sunday 13 July 2014

Top Tips for a Wonderful Day in Weymouth

One of the things on my summer to-do list was to enjoy a day out at the seaside on a normal work day (when all the kids were in school). Where I work we have a flexi-time scheme and over the last few months I’d managed to work enough hours for a day off.
So off to Weymouth we went last Monday, taking our swimming stuff just in case. It was forecast to be a sunny day and amazingly we managed to time it rather well, with downpours only on the journey there and the journey back. 

For me, Weymouth was always the go-to seaside day trip for my parents but for Andrew he always went to Weston Super Mare - Weymouth being just that little bit too far away from his (and now my) hometown. He's right, it does take the best part of two hours to get down there but if you make a day of it it's definitely worth it.

Weymouth seafront deckchairs

Weymouth beach
Duck at Weymouth

Weymouth beach

My top tips for a day out in Weymouth would be...

Car parking - the cheapest car park in town is at the train station at £3 all day if you arrive after 10am. A good few squid cheaper than the council run ones and it's literally a 2 minute walk to the beach.
(We'd usually tell you where the free parking is but Weymouth is one of the few places where we haven't really found anywhere!).

Secret Café - the town centre also has a good crop of charity shops, including one which contains a café in the back. We stopped off for a spot of lunch before mooching around the town and along the seafront.

Weymouth PAWS Charity Shop Cafe

Ice Creams - obviously there's thousands of places flogging ice creams but if you want to go 'old skool', the cheapest Mr Whippy we could find was 85p from a newsagent/gift shop/ice cream place just near the Kings Statue.

Free Stuff - it's pretty entertaining just watching the antics on the beach but there's also Punch and Judy (with a suggested donation); the amazing sand sculpture man (on the Esplanade near the amusement arcade) who's been there for years and years; the Harbour Bridge which has several lifting times during the day and all the mega-bucks boats and yachts that you can gawp over whilst stuffing your face with fish and chips.

Weymouth Punch and Judy

Weymouth Sand Sculpture

Weymouth Harbour

Weymouth Harbour

Weymouth Harbour Bridge

Speaking of chips...

Fish and Chips - the best chip shop in town has to be Bennett's on the Waterfront, you go over the harbour bridge and along a little bit and there it is. We used to go there when I was a kid and it's still open now with a huge amount of options on the menu - this year they're doing spam fritters to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings (I had one and it was very tasty!).

Weymouth Bennett's on the Waterfront

Weymouth Bennett's on the Waterfront Menu

Have you been to Weymouth? Is there anything you'd recommend?
And more importantly, do you know where to park for free?


  1. We took a little seaside excursion just this week - we live in South Wales and so visited Barry Island. I definitely prefer trips to the coast when kids are still in school, it's a lot quieter and easier to enjoy with less people.

    Definitely want to make a trip to Weymouth at some point! I love discovering new corners of the UK.
    Bits & Bobs

    1. I always think it's amazing how much there is to see in the UK! Me and the other half keep meaning to have a day trip to Barry at some point - the last time he went all the steam trains were still in the scrapyard! :-) xx

  2. I love seeing these photos, when I was a young kid we'd always have our holidays in Weymouth or visit for days out, so it's a special place to me where holds lots of childhood memories.
    I can't believe the Sand sculpture man is still there, I was always so amazed by his work and Punch & Judy was always a must do ;)

    Belle x Part of Belle's world

    1. Oh yep, he's still going strong - he's got a much bigger shelter though now, it's not just a sheet of tarpaulin anymore! :-) xx

  3. Gorgeous photos - I love the tiltshift effect! 85p is a bargain for a Mr Whippy! I can't remember the last time a 99 cost me less than 99p. Which I'm pretty sure used to be the whole point...

    In other news, I now REALLY want to draw on a deckchair xxx

    1. Aww thanks Katie! I know, the deckchairs looked very cool - so much more unusual than the normal stripes! :-) xxx

  4. Lovethis post.Really makes me want to visit Weymouth.x

  5. Hi Louisa, great blog! I just wanted to comment to ask if a local guesthouse could use your brilliant Punch and Judy photo on their website? Photo:



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